Things They Won't Tell You

5 Hurtful Things They Won’t Tell You About Starting A Business

Business meeting

 It is said that if you hate your job and seek more of life, you should probably start your own business. You have great ideas. You are a visionary. You enjoy taking risks. You are enlightened and awaken about the Universe. All those super qualities are the magical ingredients that will make you soon roll on gold… or so everyone thinks.

If you are creative like me, a 9-5 job kills your MoJo and routine gets you depressed pretty quick. We are just wired this way. We daydream a lot. We are engineers of the world. We are outcasts who feel uncomfortably limited in boxes. We seek more. We are excited about unvisited venues. To us, the unknown is appealing, strange and frightening at the same time.

Therefore, starting a business seems to be the remedy to our wandering and powerful minds. Wait, not so fast. It hurts to say this but they lied to you. Before thinking about starting your own company consider these 5 hurtful truths no one is unlikely going to tell you in the face.

1. Most businesses have been created


Let’s face it, starting a business before the 21st century was easier than today. Back then, great ideas were basically new and innovative. In 2016, mostly every market has been touched and developed to a point where it is nearly impossible for starters to compete. There are already thousand of small and huge online stores indexed on Google. Crafties (DIY), Techies, Fashion, Pet Stores, Blogs, Vlogs, Phone Apps… You name it, it’s out there. Unless you are a PhD student or a self-made inventor with an idea so big it would revolutionize the world, if you think of something great, chances are, someone else thought about it too and commercialized it faster than you. Truth is, this generation has seen it all and most of them are waiting for the next step in innovation. Robotics, Age Reversing, Immersive Gadgets, Holograms, Deep Space Exploration etc…

2. You are more likely to fail

success-after-failure-hillThis one may hurt your ego a lot. I apologize but it needs to be said. If you are inexperienced and clueless about the business world, you are more likely to fail than to succeed. Every single motivation blog and marketing book you will read contain the same kind of advice and suggest the same marketing tools to market your company. You will basically go around in circles trying to figure out what to do and how to get more  exposure. You will spend an unbelievable amount of time stressing and worrying about everything and anything. Starting a business alone, unless you know exactly what you are doing, is the greatest recipe for failure.


3. Nobody will really support you


 No matter how much they love you, your friends and family think you are crazy. Although, deep down inside, they envy your courage and bravery. However, unless you start bringing in serious checks, everybody will think you’re stupid for quitting your nine to five. They hardly envision what you envision. If for you the purpose of doing something new and going after your dreams is enough to keep you fueled, most people aren’t wired that way. 99% of the world worries about food, money and having fun right now. Very few are able to see the bigger picture. Where you see freedom of expression and creativity, they see an empty fridge.

  4. You need a lot of money


This one is no surprise. Capitalism is the universal sickness. Money rules everything around us. People are lying to you if they are telling you it is not important. It is the only thing that will fuel your business. Huge companies like Amazon spends nearly over a million just in marketing. Facebook ads cost money. Google ads cost money. Analytic and Metrics cost money. Magazines and offline ads like pamphlets and business cards cost money. The website host costs money. A merchant account also costs money. Everything needs money, without exception. A business is like a baby, if you have no money to feed it, without vitamins, it is more likely to die or grow very weak.

5. It Is Worth It


 Whether your first businesses fail or succeed, I like to see every failure as small successes. If you have the guts to step outside of your comfort zone and try new things, the possibilities of your enlightenment and awareness are limitless. Fall, learn, get up, learn some more and try again. Persistence is the devil’s enemy. Failure walks hands in hands with success.

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