5 Signs You Are

5 Signs You Are Bound To Do Greater Things


Do you often wish our society was different and more focused on sense of purpose rather than money?

I validate your feelings.

There are people like you out there… who are either wishing the same or exploring the world and experimenting their wildest dreams! If it rings a bell, you might be bound to accomplish greater things.

Here are 5 simple signs.

1. Nobody understands You


You tried explaining those feelings to people around you but they seem to think you need medical assistance or that you are just unrealistic and lazy. Have no worry. Trying to explain what it’s like to be inspired to someone who always follow recipes, it’s like trying to describe what it’s like to see to someone with no sight. You wish you could just show them.


2. You daydream a lot


You spend your time preciously thinking about how you could be changing the world with your ideas, as simple as they may be. For you “Dream Big or Go Home” means you rather be broke and happy than be rich and miserable.

3. You see the world like an experiment


You are the kind of individual who would pick “dare” over “truth” more than often. As a child, you were adventurous and probably had skin full of scars from crazy bikes or roller-blade trials. You liked climbing trees and building wood camps. You had crazy friends with whom you would explore abandoned and hunted places despite the sign “No Trespassing”.

4. You always seek more of life


It is more than a feeling or an illusion. It’s a certitude with no clear images. You know deep down inside that the human race is here for a greater purpose. We are creators. And this is no news to you.

5. You are attracted to the unknown


You are attracted to the unknown like a magnet. It scares and fascinates you at the same time.

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