Which Video Would You Choose?

Not your average post here. We will be back on normal schedule right after this quick break!

So we’ve been working hard on a new project here at the Alternate Dimension Studios and we want to know your opinion!

See below two Book Trailers.

  • Which one do you prefer (which one speaks to you most)?
  • What is the message do you think we’re trying to spread?

Leave your comment below and we will send you a free eBook at the official release date.


  • Book Trailer #1


  • Offcial Book TrailerΒ  — Updated On 03.08.16


16 thoughts on “Which Video Would You Choose?

      1. Many years ago I met an advertising expert (she had moved into a duplex near my parents house; I was 16 + she was in her 20’s and rather attractive). Among other things, she taught me that SOMEtimes the irritating advertisement can be more effective. So, I am not quick to rule out ones such as #1. BUT, that said, I still like #2 better.

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      1. The first video’s imagery seems relatable to the 9-to-5 monotony. The second video’s imagery is potent, but the message seems to be a nightmare and feeling pulled and prodded. It isn’t clear who or what is doing the pulling and prodding, in my observation.

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  1. Trailer 1 – The conveyor belt – products the shell’s of people with forgotten souls. In the end the grind gets to some people.. Ver sad. But unfortunately many have to participate in the daily grind because we live in a world of economics, including myself (the bills won’t pay by themselves) don’t fancy homelessness.. Trailer 2 – really speaks of truth because we are not connecting to our soul are spiritual being most of the time and this is quite sad, at times we are quite lost and confused. We are most happy when we acknowledge this but usually we ignore it to fit into society’s pre planned daily grind of living because of fears.. Fears of homelessness, joblessness, hunger, isolation and loneliness. Awakened people are blessed and trailer 2 is more their forte. Thank you, love your valid and very important work that your doing to awaken these poor people often trapped on society’s conveyor belt.. Much respect. 😊 πŸ’

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    1. So poetic! I should hire you as screenwriter next time haha!

      And yes, I agree, the society we live in confines us in tiny boxes all that in the name of capitalism. It’s hard to understand how we have to pay for resources that Gaia, the Earth, provides in abundance for all her beings.

      Currency is a disease plaguing and devouring living souls (not only humans if we think about what capitalism does to animals)… This truth is more flagrant when you travel overseas and see the cost they have to pay…

      I believe we’re all blessed and have the possibility to awake and shift the Universe consciousness.

      We think we are the product when reality is, the product is in us…

      The world is the way it is right now because so many people are consenting to the system. It would be inaccurate to say that we’re all allowing this to happen because many people are consenting to this unconsciously.

      I’m not trying to blame conscious people that are consenting to the system neither. Because at the end, just like you mentioned above, fear is one of the most reported reasons as to why some of us are hesitant to take action.

      We’re driven by fear and we are paralyzed by it. Needless to say, fear is capitalism’s most useful and powerful tool.

      However, the fact that they can’t find consciousness inside of our brain, is a blessing in disguised. If they can’t find it, they somehow can’t fully study and understand it.

      Consciousness is not a material thing… Consciousness is not inside of us but we are inside of it… That’s the beauty of the Universe.

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      1. Love what you wrote and I do agree. Our mind is a great tool to be used for our enhancement of being. So many of us are confused, even lost.. Some of us are aware but caught in the system yes, I myself am still learning although I do believe none of us can ever be fully learned. Life is impermanent and yes the ‘present’ is what reality is. That’s where mind comes in.. Each person’s perspective is different and depending on how we view ‘present’ effects how we feel. I’m beginning to think acceptance and simplicity for what just is in the moment is best and reality moves in its own impermanence.. Thank you, I agree.. πŸ’

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