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5 Ways You Can Recognize Signs From The Universe


The Universe is talking to you all the time as it is talking to us all. Do you listen to what it is trying to tell you? Do you even wonder about it?

Or maybe you are one of those who already feels like the universe is trying to tell you something, but you just don’t understand the message? Do you find yourself seeking answers to questions in your life and never quite finding a solution?

We feel this way sometimes because we do not fully understand the language of the Universe. If we did, we would realize that the answers which take the form of signs are right in front of us.
But what is a sign exactly? And how to tell the difference between a sign and a coincidence?

A sign is an event or information sent to you by the universe to get you to understand something, take action on something, or become aware of something that could help or hurt you. It is designed for you to perceive and take action upon.

Many theorists believe there are no such things as coincidences and that they are signs in disguise.

Here are 7 Ways You Can Recognize Signs From The Universe

1. Start Analyzing Recurring Experiences


The language of the Universe speaks through experiences.

If you are like me, you’ve maybe repeated the same mistakes and patterns over and over again without fully understanding how you ended up in the same kind of sticky situation, friendship or even relationship.
Patterns and mistakes are Universe’s preferred way of sending you signs that you are doing something wrong.
  • Maybe you are dating the wrong kind of individual who takes advantage of you again?
  • Maybe you are in a job position that makes you feel less of a human again?
  • Maybe you feel guilty from postponing your worldwide backpack trip again?
  • Maybe you feel a sentiment of despair to see your bank account below zero again?
  • Maybe you hesitate to start a business or organization again?
  • Maybe you simply just feel lost, stuck and unsure about your life purpose again?

Be sure to demystify every single pattern and ask yourself, why am I allowing this to happen again? You deserve better. But you need to start believing that you really do in order to stop those bad experiences to reoccur.

2. Pay Closer Attention


Paying closer attention to your environment as well as to your mental and physical health may give you clues on what’s going on.

In fact, your physical body can provide so many messages about your emotional, mental and spiritual health.

We all know that illnesses usually occur when our immunity is down, however could it be that our body is trying to communicate something deeper to us?

Listen to the signs and clues that your physical body is trying to communicate to you to work out what the Universe is trying to show you. For example, if you always feel drained and tired around a certain individual or at work, perhaps the Universe is trying to point out that this person/ job is a negative influence or challenging you in some way.

If you get a sore throat perhaps the Universe is trying to communicate something to you about your sense of self-expression. If you are constipated perhaps the Universe is trying to show you that you have a hard time of letting go.


3. Open Yourself To Receive


Here’s an important clue: if you have to think about whether or not something you notice is a sign or guidance from the Universe, it’s not. You’re forcing it, which is not going to help you understand anything any better. However, if you hear something or your radar catches something that sparks a physical reaction — a clear sense of truth — you have your answers.

Also, it is important you remember that the universe is always giving you love. If you’re not ready to receive, you won’t. Be honest with yourself and about the questions you have in life. Are you willing to change?

Cultivate a true desire to hear from the universe. Be willing to accept the answers no matter how or through whom they come. You may receive your answers from a stranger, an unlikely source, a random occurrence or even a billboard. The possibilities are endless. However, you must truly seek it out before it will be revealed to you.


4. Follow Your Intuition


You know that gut feeling that you have sometimes? That feeling you get when something seems right or wrong? It’s a sign. Some theorists want to call that “synchronicity”.

Synchronicity is  a way of saying that you are either on the right track and heading in the right direction or the opposite. Synchronicity is also a sign that you are connected to the potential of the Universe and are vibrating at a high frequency.


5. Ask The Universe To Manifest Physical Signs

Asking the Universe to manifest physical signs is a direct way for you to recognize something specific.
Make sure your questions for the Universe are clearly stated, so there’s no room question later. Be specific in where in your life you need support, when you’d like to see the answers, and the meaning the guidance has for you.

8 thoughts on “5 Ways You Can Recognize Signs From The Universe

    1. We’re all powerful and we all have great divine power to shift our lives for the better and to manifest our greatest wishes. Once we all realize this and become one, perhaps we can stop atrocities from happening in the world.

      Thank you for your time and sharing your comment. Infinite peace and wisdom!

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  1. I believe that I do sense the signs certain times, although not able to grasp the complete meaning, but there is a general emotion or feeling it makes me experience. There is so much that seems mystical in the Universe as we are still toddlers in this school of life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your time Geena. If you can sense the signs, it’s all you need in order to recognize them, although you cannot grasp all the meaning. Nobody really does at first. The meaning is often time revealed to us much much later.

      The Universe appears to be mystical to us because we don’t fully understand physics and how it works. I believe animals have a better sense of reality than humans because they just let themselves be. They rely on their senses to guide them through life whether it’s in the jungle or in the sea. It’s hard for us to do because we live in societies that often deny who we are at our core.

      But if you try to understand your experience by questioning it and self-reflecting, you are ahead of the game. That’s how your intuition will become stronger.

      Know that what you seek is seeking you:

      Your brain is plastic and can manifest anything:

      Those posts are some of my older material. Tell me what you think 😉

      Infinite peace and wisdom!

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      1. Wow I really am liking your thoughts an your views on the topics that are so close to my heart as well. Surely questioning an reflecting gives us perspective. I ll Definitely go through the posts shared by you:)

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