Earth Changes: Gaia, The Fey and Humanity (Part 5)


Great_Andamanese_coupleImage Source: Wikimedia commons
 A couple of the “great Andamanese” population, taken in 1876

This is the fifth part of a series. Here is Part 1

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Alchemically speaking, the shake-up in consciousness evoked by natural disasters might be seen as a series of initiations; trial by fire challenges for species development, which we are perfectly capable of overcoming, if we develop the right kind of awareness of our relationship with the planet and universe at large.

The Shamanic view of crisis as an opportunity for breaking down perceptual barriers and the reintegration of formerly estranged elements of consciousness, is something that can be learned through  an observation of nature.

The Earth systematically regulates and reintegrates the various elements of it’s biosphere in many ways. One example might include the opening up of new…

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