The Ultimate Way You Can Train Your Intuition To Serve You More Accurately


Let your thoughts be. Stop trying to control everything. Let your mind run crazy. If certain thoughts of anxiety or any other kind of thoughts are manifesting themselves in your consciousness or in your mind, let them be. They are manifesting themselves for a reason.

They are a response to something that preoccupies you. They are a message from your consciousness that something needs your attention. Trying to stop thinking about the thoughts you have will only make them worst because you are fighting their natural occurrence.

If you want to be guided by your intuition you need to train yourself to let your intuition guide you by letting it be…

Those thoughts that you are having will go away when the problem or the situation is being addressed or/and solved.

  • You feel anxious in social situations and your mind start running crazy?
  • You feel uneasy around a certain individual or uncomfortable at your workplace?
  • Etc…

They are signs from the Universe that something needs to be addressed inside of you or in your life. Often time, a change of environment, career, job, friends or surrounding is all it takes for your mind to stop “acting up”.

Whatever it is, you need to ask yourself “why am I thinking this or feeling like this?” or “what is it that I need to learn?”


Listen to your gut feeling. Be courageous enough to ask “why” and something, usually, an image, a word, even the whole solution, will pop up before your eyes in your conscious state. Be receptive of the answers as bizarre and unrealistic they might be.

If you hate the answers you are being served, again, ask yourself “why?” Letting go of control and being honest with yourself is the ultimate way to train your intuition into serving you more accurately.

Instead of trying to block those thoughts, let them teach you something new about who you are or your situation. It is your emotional mind’s job to alert you while it is your rational mind’s job to put things into perspective. Stop battling them up. Stop making them fight. They are Yin & Yan. Theyย  need one another in order forย  you to be perfectly balanced. Yes, it is true that the rational and the intuitive (spiritual) mind work differently but embracing that difference will give you a sense of whole.

There is something very strange about us, humans…

“We want solutions but refuse to hear the voice that is providing them” – Unknown

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