What Does Being Enlightened Even Mean?


The dictionary defines enlightened as having or showing a rational, modern, and well-informed outlook and as spiritually aware.

I believe it can mean different things to different individuals… I also believe one’s definition changes as they transcend further more…

So here are few definitions…

 Being enlightened mean realizing there is no escape from this world other than death


But awakened and enlightened people do not wish to die. They want to live.

Therefore, it is a constant battle in their mind. Seeing the world as it is while trying to live in the now. It is complex rather than complicated. It is fairly easy when you stay in your own little bubble. The outside world is scary. Filled with madness. Filled with negativity. Filled with wicked beings filled with hate and negativity which drove them to the point of no return… But it is also filled with love… So they say…

So they say…

Being enlightened mean seeing the ugly side of the world while still trying to make it pretty


Being enlightened mean you flirt with the idea of death sometimes


Not because they are suicidal or unhappy. Because their natural curiosity makes them wonder what happens when we die. Is it better? Am I still me? Does me still exist? Who is me anyway? Am I me?

Death sounds like a scientific experiment to them rather than being a negative phenomenon. They envy the dead because they wish to know and tell everybody about their discovery… But once you’re gone, you don’t come back… And enlightened people are aware of this. So, they stay alive and strive to make the world a better place patiently waiting for when their time comes. That moment, that time when they will be requested to leave this crazy place called Earth.

Hence why…

Being enlightened mean you enjoy every single minute of life

Because awakened and enlightened people know the time that was given to them on this crazy place called Earth is a privilege. A privilege to learn and gain wisdom. They know this time is supposed to be a time of love and peace rather than war and misery. They know this and that’s why they feel devastated by the state of this Planet. They wonder if it is real. They wonder why they are here. Why does it have to be this time? Why not another time?

They wonder… But they don’t seek any answer to any question other than “Why?” because they know the only answer to all other questions is “Love”.


Being enlightened mean you are filled with love


 Because awakened and enlightened people always seek elevation and they know they can only elevate through the purity of love. It is a genuine emotion that transcends your mind as we are all transcendent beings made out of the same space dust/debris.

We are here to learn as our time is limited. We are here for a purpose. We are here to love and share love.


What do you choose to do with the time that was given to you today? Do you choose to love or do you choose to hate? It is hard to love. It is time-consuming to hate. It is also easy to hate but it is easier to love.

Being enlightened mean you find it hard to let go


Because when they awoke from the enslaved world, they felt betrayed and hurt. But the more you are hurt and the more you have been betrayed the more  you’re going to hurt others through your pain. They know this, but it’s hard for them to let go because they find it hard to trust the world and humans again. And it hurts them to know they are hurting others through their pain because they are naturally filled with love and compassion.

Needless to say, they know they will eventually have to let go if they want to live a fulfilling life and transcend. They know they need to get out of their comfortable cocoons from which they observe the world with detachment and objectivity. Not that it is a bad thing, it is just necessary for growth.

The cocoon will always be there for them to return when they feel the need to charge their batteries. And they know this. But the cocoon is so safe…

That’s why…

Being enlightened mean you are scared sometimes


  • Scared to let go.
  • Scared to love.
  • Scared to hurt.
  • Scared to express yourself.
  • Scared to die.
  • Scared to live.
  • Scared to…

Reason why if you wish to reach greater enlightenment…

 Being enlightened mean you accept and push yourself


  • You accept your flaws.
  • You turn your flaws into strength.
  • You overcome your fears.
  • You are motivated by your limitations.
  • You know your true power.
  • You move towards your purpose.
  • You seek transcendence in this life.
  • You seek… and you always seek.

However despite the wisdom and the knowledge that was granted to you.

You know that…


Being enlightened mean you only know what you know


And awakened people are incredibly devastated by this. Because they wish they had all the knowledge and the wisdom in the world let alone Universe. They wish they just knew. They wish they could see other planets and galaxies.

If only they could just see what the cat sees. If only they could just see everything they don’t and can’t see. If only they could just understand everything they don’t and can’t understand. If only they could speak whale or dog.They know zoologists who study “animal behavior” are full of hot cereals. Because they know that nobody truly knows what is the true meaning behind the barking of a dog or the smile of a chimpanzee, unless you are a dog or a chimp.

Alright so… What does being enlightened mean to you?

Let’s have a great conversation with this hot topic!

17 thoughts on “What Does Being Enlightened Even Mean?

  1. We are here to learn to grow as a species, to evolve as humans… For whatever reasons and what it is worth, we have been held back by selective groups of people and one can only image what else!

    It is in my strong belief that we’re thousands of years behind…

    Now there are those, whom i would love to blame, however i don’t want to preach!

    If you think we’re alone…

    Well fantasies are made of this kind of shit…


    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, i would to add, being human, is a gift…

        You see it is the way that we solve problems or create, the human mind as an unbelievable imagination…

        We will be feared throughout the universe and throughout all space given time!

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      1. I’ve been on your blog..

        Your slogan is “Consciousness creates reality”. Unless you are lying to yourself, I’m pretty sure the topic of sentience and enlightenment means a lot to you.

        The background image on your blog is upside down which could mean several things. But for the most part refers to “as above so below”…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I like your interpretation. Surely you can interpret my message as is then? But if I had to elaborate upon it meaning nothing, I mean the more words we apply to these types of things the further away you may actually find yourself. That nothing is as close to this something as you’ll ever get. Of course, that is just the way I like to see it.


      3. Hmm.. which side of the force are you on? 😛

        I agree that we shouldn’t try to define everything because a lot of what we experience can’t quite be defined with words..

        However, I think it’s in our nature to try and define things since the human condition seems to be defined by that particular experience we experience as life/consciousness.

        Now is it life and consciousness that we really experience? Go figure… We live in a 3D world but can only perceive 2D. So what we describe as consciousness could be the perception of something totally different.

        Everything is relative. Einstein said it best. Hence why, the topic of enlightenment is subjective..

        Thank you for your input! 😉

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  2. Being enlightened might mean knowing what you don’t know. The enlightened soul has a connection to the universe that reads it like a book. In a mortal physical sense, there are many things we don’t or cannot know, but in a spiritual sense, nothing is impossible. The awareness of what knowledge you don’t know when it is time to use it would then be enlightenment.

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    1. Thank you for your comment!

      Interesting opinion.

      I agree. Being enlightened could be realizing that we do not know and empowering the self with the uncomfortable feeling of uncertainty.

      Infinite peace and wisdom!


  3. A step towards seeking enlightenment could mean seeing everything the way it really is, not the way the mind, the heart or the body shows it to us. When we realise there is a distance between the ‘me’ and the mind, heart and body. The world would look more clear, and hence more easier to live in, as there would be no false expectations or regrets made up by the mind!

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      1. 🙂 a feeling that reverberates in all of us. It has been a journey filled with concious effort to cultivate this feeling of peace and joy every moment possible and is truly an ongoing process. I wish the same for you. Have a great day 🙂

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