Don’t Be Ashamed of Who You Are

Authentic & Fiery Poetic Writings

Each one of us has things that we have buried inside, whether consciously or repressed. We all have memories and feelings from past or present, that we avoid because they make us uncomfortable. We live on the surface of ourselves, and do the best with what we have, very rarely delving into the depths of our “stuff.” It’s so easy nowadays to distract ourselves from our own feelings. You can waste hours scrolling through social media, or you can escape through behavioural addictions, alcohol, and narcotics. You can just gloss things over, like an Instagram filter for your life.

Most of us are so disconnected from ourselves, that we have no idea what state our heart is in. When did our emotional and mental well-being become second rate to the importance we place on the thoughts and feelings of others? If you don’t care enough about yourself to check in on how you are doing, and to make time to…

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