5 Lessons in Personal Growth

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On the journey of self discovery there are some key elements we learn on the way, but we don’t always read about them in books. We all have our own journey and our own landscape to develop. We have our own personal taste to account for. Not everyone’s garden looks the same. We each have our own ideas on what looks right together and how we want it to flow. It is not our business to judge other’s journeys. Enjoy the landscape you create and let others have room to develop their own. You will have plenty of opportunities to give people seeds, it is up to them if they want to use them. A few things seem to be the same for all personal growth. After many attempts in breaking old patterns and developing new ones, here is what I have learned:

1. Personal Growth is a Process



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8 thoughts on “5 Lessons in Personal Growth

  1. Yes!! A lot of the times people want to get to the final stop using a shortcut, and not having to work for it continuously. But if you aren’t on it 24/7 then stagnancy is going to make yourself gradually a thing of the past.

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    1. Thank you for your comment!

      Yes I agree with you Fiza! People want to achieve their dreams but fear the journey because it’s a long long journey with many obstacles…

      That’s why Rachael talks about personal growth because it’s just like planting seeds… If you don’t water them and take care of them, they are unlikely to grow into a garden!

      This article is dead on 🙂

      Infinite peace and wisdom!


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