You Have Infinite Support



Sometimes it doesn’t always feel this way but in retrospect its easy to see how everything that ever happened was another piece of the jig saw. If you are going through great difficulties one of the most supportive things to do is to pray or write a letter to whatever your understanding of a Higher Power is. There is no substitute for this I have found. Because sometimes we end up in situations where we know that there is nothing no one can do that can help. Or it feels that way. In those moments write a letter on your mobile, on the computer and best of all on a piece of paper.

I often find that by writing something always shifts, whether it is the world or my heart. Either way it feels as though some support is coming in from somewhere. Lots of Love ❀

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8 thoughts on “You Have Infinite Support

  1. yeah.as we feel;all person feel same way.feelings have no boudries of casts,coulrs n countries.u right n thoughtful thing as u said dt all entire universe is conspirig to give us what we want.bt i become sad after reading a famous novel”far from the madding crowd”written by Hardy in which he said dt all universe is conspircing aginst us n life gives us to deny.may be there dt infinite supprt save us.urs article is full of wise thoughts.

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      1. neah.dt tells us d realty of world.it is belonged from two beloveld in which one decieves other bt at last she come back to her first true love n both decide to go far away from urban fatal life.

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