11 thoughts on “Mysterious Repeating Deep Space Signals Recorded For the First Time

      1. I thought it was a good idea as well – until I read your comment. So true! Then again, who could you send that would be good? I’m pretty sure we should just send a dog. They’re pleasant and happy and unlikely to accidentally set off an intergalactic war.

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      2. Thank you for your time.

        Haha It’s hard to tell who would be a great representative… Have you ever heard of David Icke the guy who thinks Planet Earth is controlled by reptilians/lizard people? Maybe him loll.

        A dog wouldn’t actually be a bad idea… Unless the dog gets nervous and starts barking/growling… They might think we are hostile furry barking quadrupeds lol

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      3. I do not want them to represent us, however if they have already seen the television signals that never stop traveling through space and want them, then who are we to disagree. 🙂 Maybe they can break the Outer space Internet. Leaving our Internet safe and secure.

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