What You Seek Is Seeking You

Infinite Living

As humans, sometimes we go through the most mind/heart shattering experiences. They become a journey of profound transformation and there is no looking back from there. These experiences come in different forms – primary relationship breakups, intense health situations, life threatening illness, loss of someone close… All these experiences are common in the way how painful they can become.

When we feel like the ground under our feet has been pulled or shook violently, life as we know it, is no more …it’s only that …life, the way it existed, is ending.  It does not mean precious life itself is ending. It can just feel like dying, several times too, while alive. This is time of rebirth. Our personal rebirth. Intense transformation!  This kind of transformation uproots us at great depths. The process of birthing is very painful. So is this rebirth. It makes us cry. In mourning, of losing what we knew to…

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