You Are Worthy


This message is for you, beautiful reader.

I wanted to let you know that you are worthy of your dreams. No matter what are your circumstances or situation, i`m telling you that you are enough.

The feelings of despair you get when facing an obstacle are just a test. If you feel you`re not going to make it, take my words for granted when i`m telling you that yes you will. I believe in your abilities to make it happen.

I believe you are capable of using your God-given power to realize your dreams and accomplish your goals.

Yes, you are worthy.

You can change your life or bring betterment into it.

If it is a new job that you want, get it. If it is a healthy relationship that you wish for, get it. If it is loosing couple pounds, do it. Do it now.

You have infinite support.

You have infinite love.

You are worthy.

You are beautiful, even if society makes you feel ugly.

If  they make you feel old, I`m telling you, you still have time before you.

If they say you`re too young, trust me when I say you are old enough to dream big.

Your gender, your age and your complexion are not barriers.They make you who you are and they give you strength. You are a beautiful creation. You are an intelligent living being of Earth. Your life is yours. Empower yourself with what was given to you. It was given to you and only you. If it can destroy you, it can certainly make you.

I believe in you. I believe in your power. I believe in your Divinity. Yes, you can.

Because you are worthy.



20 thoughts on “You Are Worthy

  1. You’re right! We are all worthy and can be whoever we want to be, but holding onto that belief is a hard thing in this judgmental world. Thank you for reminding us that we are worth the effort and make sure to hold this message in your heart as well. Wonderful positive message!

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