You Are Designed To Be Great


This message is for you, wonderful human being that you are.

Whatever circumstances and obstacles you are facing right now, believe me when I tell you that you are greater than your circumstances. You have the power to overcome any difficulty that presents itself in your life.

You are great because you are designed to be great. We were all born equal. Every human being is designed to achieve maximum capability to manifest any burning flaming desire.

You want to be a better drawer, do it.

You want to be the best video game player, activate your beast mode.

You want to be a better parent, just be.

You want to be an outstanding teacher or salesman, show off.

Whoever you want to be,


Your ideas to make the world you live in a better place are great. If you stand for something harmless and meaningful, what you stand for is even greater.

The being that you are is blessed from head to toes and from inside out.

If you are unsatisfied with your life or that one thing, I believe in your abilities to make it better.

If nobody believes in you, I believe in you. Yes, I do.


Seek and you shall receive.

The Universe conspires to help you accomplish your goals. But you must first conspire to help yourself to attract infinity.

You are worthy of abundance because you were created from abundance. You are an abundant being with a library filled with infinite resources. The conscious world awaits for your consciousness to expand and stand in it’s infinite abundant glory.

If people and the world bring you down, stand up now and make yourself known as the great being that you are.

Your bank account does not make you.

The clothes and the shoes you wear do not make you.

Your employment and marital status do not make you.

You and you alone decides what makes you.

What makes you?

Let go of the things, the people, the belief systems and the situations that do not serve you.

Be brave enough to stand for yourself and let go.

The road to success is a lonely road of discoveries. You will meet others walking along side of the same road. Therefore, you are never alone.

Open-mindedness, courage, enlightenment, faith and perseverance will get you everywhere.

Make use of your Divine-given power today.

Look at yourself in a mirror right now and repeat those words below:

You are designed to be great.


6 thoughts on “You Are Designed To Be Great

  1. my difficulties are far less than the brightness and desires I have bucket list heck no I’m gonna live forever we are working on so many thangs it all seems simple to you all . God bless each one of us. What lies yonder over the next bend , this trailblazer is constant and pure. I’ll let u know . cabbage?
    General Bebo T. Hope pastor/creator

    Liked by 1 person

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