How To Deal With The Past


You know this one. The past will catch on to you.

Everyone learns it the hard way one way or another.

Whatever it is that you’re trying to hide or runaway from, one day it will show up before your face. You might not want to see the ugliness of it, but if you can make beauty out of it, you win.

The way you deal with your ghosts defines who you are. Your ghosts follow you everywhere even when you think you don’t see them. And they get louder every time you try to ignore them. You try to shut them up when they scream. But they’re screaming for a reason. They are screaming because they want you to release them and let them rest in peace.

Ghosts can be anything:

  • Unresolved childhood traumas
  • Past mistakes that got you in sticky situations
  • Lies that you tell yourself
  • Lies that you tell others
  • Etc…

Ghosts have different states:

  • Hidden (You know they are there but you try to hide them)
  • Omnipresent (You know they are there and you cannot hide them)
  • Silent (You somehow forget about them from time to time because they stay quiet)

One ghost can find itself jumping from one state to another, depending on the situation in your life.


The hidden ghosts


You hide those ghosts because you are either ashamed of them or you are way too scared of looking at them (i.e childhood traumas, past mistakes).


The omnipresent ghosts


These are the kind of ghosts you can’t seem to be able to hide or get rid of. They constantly remind you of their presence (i.e lies you tell yourself and lies you tell others).


The silent ghosts


These are the kind of ghosts that behave like karma does. You may or may not haveย  forgotten about them. However, they patiently wait in silence to make themselves known at the most unexpected moment to send you a reminder that you need to deal with them.

A silent ghost can be anything from a lie you told to get away with murder or anything that will affect your karma like past mistakes that got you in sticky situations.

How to deal with ghosts

Layout 1

The only way you deal with a ghost is by first acknowledging its presence. Whether it is an angry or a sad ghost, when you find the courage to look at it in the eye, you slowly finds it less frightening.

Understand that those ghosts are yours. Even if they weren’t created by you (like childhood traumas), they are still your ghosts. It does not matter who created it. Truth is, it is painfully clinging on to you. It is desperately asking for you to release it. If you choose to ignore its presence, it becomes silent or hidden. But it is still there, attached to you.

Forgive yourself and others. You can’t forget so forgive. If you constantly lie to yourself or to others, try to find the triggers for such lies. Are you insecure? Are you ashamed of your lifestyle? Do you wish your life were different? You might want to look at the reasons why you are creating more ghosts or keeping old ghosts following you around.

Whatever it is, it signals a change needs to happen. Every ghost that you release will bring you a little bit further on your journey. Every ghost that you release tells a little truth about you. And every truth can show you who you really are and set you free.


Truth frees anyone who seeks it


Set yourself free by facing the truth. Set yourself free by telling yourself the truth. It’s okay, you’re not the amazing person you depicted to gain friends. But those friends only like the fantasy of you. There is a message in every lie, every past mistake and in every childhood trauma.ย  The message is a lesson sent by the Universe to make you greater.

Righteousness is the plan. Even if it wont get you a million friends, it will get you the right ones. Even if it wont get you the job position you think you wanted, it will redirect you to the career of your dreams. Even if it wont get you the relationship you thought was good for you, it will get you the perfect relationship that is made for you…

Righteousness is the plan. But it starts being right for yourself and with yourself.

Free yourself from your ghosts.

8 thoughts on “How To Deal With The Past

    1. Thank you for your time Elena! I’m glad you enjoy the article. Means a lot. Everyone needs a reminder from time to time, most articles I write are for myself lol. But if I can help couple others, well it’s always heart felt!

      Besides, how’s everything in the Jungle? :p

      Infinite peace and wisdom!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. yes, to remind ourselves first -and share. only those ready shall reap. the critters are restless in the jungle…! everything is changing, they all know it. blessings, paz y amor xox be well and keep on sending out those beautiful reminders!

        Liked by 1 person

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