How To Attract The People You Want In Life

The Lonely Author


The Secret

I once went to an interview for a great job that I knew was perfect for me. After 15 years managing call centers, I knew there wouldn’t be many candidates (if any) with more experience or know-how than me.

I went to the interview letting negative thoughts creep into my head.

When the interviewer asked the very first question, the easiest question in the world if you ever worked in call centers, I drew a complete blank. The rest of the interview went poorly, because I never recovered from the first question.

When you carry negative thoughts in your head, you attract negative results.

I have never used my blog for book reviews.

However, I want to let everyone in on a little secret.

The power of positive thinking works. Their is a law of attraction. Being generous with love, gratitude, respect, kindness, and forgiveness brings these things…

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12 thoughts on “How To Attract The People You Want In Life

  1. I am a professional Law of Attractive coach, What we think is who we are, the power of the thought can create the life we want, by design and not what others would choose for us, it does not matter where anyone one is today, It is the power of who you want to be tomorrow. Have a great day

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  2. The book had come to me during a very difficult phase of my life …and helped me fine tune my thinking into the direction I wanted my life to change. But I also learned an important lesson along the way that …positive thinking came way easier the more I fine tuned myself into choosing what gave me true joy, making choices that felt more true to me. Good Luck on your journey ahead …may you choose lots of joy and positivity with ease!

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    1. Thank you for your time. Yes positive thinking is great but taking action is a very important step as well. Nothing will just magically appear if we are not physically embodying the wishes. Hope you’re having a wonderful week so far! Infinite peace and wisdom!

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  3. Oh! Yikes! Are you liking my comment in How to manage your followers just to get me to follow u? lol Anyhow, I clicked +follow and got your confirmation. Now? You going to click the +follow on http://www.thia-basilia.com/? Sure hope u do. Why?
    I skimped most all of your titles and? For sure you are describing my life at the present time only? Not by the power of my mind at all!
    In fact the power of my mind brought me only a past life of misery and gloom. What a difference it is now? Difference? INDEED! My life now granted to me by the Power of Love from on High when? I gave up the power of my lower terrestrial and carnal mind! Thought to share the joy all your titles brought to me because of the Power of Love from on High filling my heart not my mind. 🙂

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