How To Save Yourself From Yourself Using The Law Of Reciprocity



How To Save Yourself From Yourself Using The Law Of Reciprocity
is now available on Amazon.

Since the law of reciprocity is a law of action and self-devotion, the book was created in such a way to allow the reader to write down and create his journey. As explained in the literature, that process of writing down what you wish for a better life is called making concrete requests to the Universe. Hence why getting a paperback version is best suited for the concept of the book, unless you have an amazing printer. The eBook is yet to come.

About the book



This book is for anyone who wishes to know everything about social and psychological programming. It is a tool to show you how you can stop being manipulated by society, discover your true purpose and live out your dreams using the law of reciprocity.

The book is designed to clearly show you that you have the power of choice and strongly invites you to choose your destiny instead of accidentally going through your life by physically engaging (using a pen) with the exercises presented to you. This process is called sending requests to the Universe.

It is all about the power of choice that was given to you. It is therefore your birth right to decide the kind of life you’re going to live.

A little background on the cover

1 (3)


The book is mainly about the following topics:

  • The power of choice
  • The law of reciprocity
  • Social programming
  • Psychological programming
  • Making requests to the Universe

We chose a cover that is inspired  by the 1999’s famous sci-fi movie the Matrix in which the main character Neo (played by Keanu Reeves) is asked to choose between a red and a blue pill.

The blue pill represents the wish to continue living in a non-awakened state which is the social and psychological programming we have been all conditioned to accept since our very own birth.

The red pill represents not only the wish to seek truth behind the social and psychological programming, but it also represents the desire to get out of it.

Those of you who has seen the movie probably understands the link between the Matrix analogy and the book’s cover of How To Save Yourself From Yourself Using The Law Of Reciprocity

For those who did not, I have kindly attached that particular scene below:


What’s in the book



Although the Matrix is a good sci-fi to watch on a Friday night, the analogy used in the movie is unfortunately true. We are all slaves to the system. We work so that the tip of the iceberg gets to stand out of the water while we, at the bottom, are submerged. This reality that we live in is called capitalism. And capitalism is a disease.

How To Save Yourself From Yourself Using The Law Of Reciprocity  offers a way out, if you wish to get out.

The book is divided in 10 chapters.

Throughout the chapters this book suggests many concepts for you to start breaking free and live your dream life. As you make requests and take action, you can start developing your own techniques. In a nutshell, here’s the pragmatic approach suggested to you:


1. Face reality : be honest with yourself

Be honest with yourself and recognize your own biases. Use your reasoning power against itself to make logical arguments for opposing beliefs and theories.

2. Evaluate your current level of happiness

In order to know where you want to go and who you are inspired to be, you must have a starting point.


3. Define your happiness (what would make you happy?)

Choose your own values, principles, and goals.


4. Plan your happiness (how will you reach that level of happiness?)

Follow your own vision by moving forward with your own personally selected goals, and not letting any external circumstances circumvent who you are. Following your own vision can leave you feeling alone in the world and requires courage. But the more you are able to become independent and think for yourself, the higher your own self-esteem will be.


5. Understand social programming (which social beliefs do not serve you anymore?)

Social programming made us all derive from our true self at one point or another in our lifetime. However we all grew up in different “programs.” Understanding this concepts and demystifying the social program you were enrolled in will help you stray away from it.


6. Understand your personality (take responsibility for your own-self)

Become aware of your own mind and its limitations and biases. Your ideas and beliefs are not the standard against which all things are measured. While your beliefs are natural and obvious to you, others feel the same way about their own beliefs and judgments no matter how conflicting they may be with yours.

7. Self-actualize: become self-efficient

Look past fearful thoughts for better ideas and assumptions. Purposefully, work through the fear and do that which scares you. Stop serving fear and think and act in spite of it. Learn to observe your mind by developing self-awareness and consciousness. Routinely challenge your assumptions and their origins. Be willing to see how conditioned you might be. Start with a desire for the truth – no matter what it might be. Meditation, self-actualization and mindfulness practices are a great way to do this.


8. Know your true nature (you are more than just flesh and bones)

Whatever unresolved childhood, teenage or adult issues you may face today, only you have the power to destroy your inner-demons and live your dream life with the power of the collective consciousness you were born in. Remember that your true nature is infinite and incredibly divine. The human true nature is intelligent stardust.

9. Liberate yourself from internal and external stigmas

The idea of breaking free and walking what can appear to be a solitary path produces fear in many people. Letting go of your fears is one of the most important steps in breaking free from social and psychological programming. Recognize those fears are what keep you from moving forward. You can then proceed into understanding and removing every single one of them.

10. Co-create yourself with the Universe

In essence, it’s possible to activate capacities that may have been dormant within you if you trust yourself in conjunction with the power of the collective awareness we are all part of. This perspective suggests that we can co-create the self with the “intelligent Universe.”


The Previews

If you wish to get a glimpse of the book, we have made the first page of every chapter  and couple others available for your very own magnificent eyes.

So for a peek, head over Blurb, our publisher.

About the previews

Every image chosen for a chapter is a depiction of the process of getting out of your sleeping state. Hence why there are pictures of naked people within the first chapters.

In the movie the Matrix, when Neo wakes up from the dream world, he is naked. So just like him, within the first chapters it is asked from you to be honest with yourself by getting “naked”. Being naked is an uncomfortable state but it is our truest form. Only when we get naked, in other words when we get honest with ourselves, that we truly become able to change.

About Getting your own copy

The publisher we chose is Blurb, an affordable company experience in self-publishing. You can even create your very own book!

Whether you choose to order straight from the publisher or on Amazon, they will print a new copy just for you because they print each and every single copy individually. So, you get to smell and touch the freshness of your new copy just like it was made and printed for you.

There’s nothing like the feeling of a brand new book!

The book trailer

For those of you haven’t seen the official book trailer. It is available for you below:

5 thoughts on “How To Save Yourself From Yourself Using The Law Of Reciprocity

  1. Individual and Society

    I believe in the formula that differentiates the possible and the impossible. At the individual level you can think and do what you want to, as there is no one to prevent you from doing so. But when it comes to the society or state, there are two parties: one is you and the second comprises those who make up the society. Thus, if you want to follow the ideal in your individual life, you can do so without facing any obstacle. But if you try to change the society or state, that is bound to create confrontation with others. In this sense, imposing a particular ideal on society is impossible. Because although you seek to establish an ideal system, the result would be conflict and violence. Therefore, if you want to opt for change in society or state, then you are involving yourself in an impossible endeavour. To make social change a reality, social will is necessary. If society is not willing to accept the change, you cannot enforce or implement your system on it, because that would lead to opposition and conflict. If you want society to change, you will first have to create social will in favour of your system through peacefully educating people. If there is no social will to accept your system, then practical change cannot be brought about at all.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment Ali.

      I agree with most of your comment.

      However, I believe it’s not really about wanting to change society but more about changing oneself. The real confrontation we face comes from within.

      After all, society is just a mirror of our human condition and consciousness. I believe we have all created this world as it is today. Maybe not us precisely, but for the most part we are agreeing to the suffering by not changing the way we think and behave. That includes; unconsciously and consciously agreeing to be controlled and ruled by people who do not represent the majority, even if they say they do.

      If one by one we start changing our mentality towards the system built by leaders leading us astray (that 1% on top of the pyramid), the power can truly be shifted back into the hands of the people.

      Infinite peace and wisdom!

      Liked by 1 person

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