10 Reasons Why Pain Is Necessary For Success


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It is a fact of life that we will experience pain time and time again – pain changes people. It may take a while for the pain to leave your body and your heart or it may be engraved inside of you forever, but I realized that every time I experienced unbearable pain, I changed significantly – changed for the better. There is something about going through a lot of pain that makes you want to be a good human being.

Here’s why pain can make you a better person:

1. It makes you compassionate


When you go through a lot of pain, you become more empathetic; you don’t want others to go through what you’ve been through and you don’t wish the pain you experienced upon anyone. It teaches you how to be kind and to never underestimate someone else’s pain just because you haven’t gone through it yourself.

2. It makes you wiser


The little things don’t bother you anymore, you don’t sweat the small stuff like you used to; you look at the bigger picture instead. Pain makes you look at life differently and it makes you understand the essence of life.

3. It makes you cherish your relationship


Pain makes you value your relationships more, you realize that you have people you can lean on in times of trouble and people who genuinely love you and are happy to support you. Pain makes you strengthen the bond between you and your closest friends and family.

4. It makes you stronger


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. After the storm has passed, pain makes you a lot stronger and better prepared to face difficult situations. Pain is sometimes the training you need to pass the tests of life.

5. It makes you re-evaluate your life



It makes you reconsider your career, your health, your finances and your relationships. It can help you go in another direction or find a meaningful purpose for your life. Pain makes you stop and question a lot of things and try to find answers and these answers can change your life.

6. It can be a major source of inspiration


Your pain can be your main inspiration for a new project, for a new charity, for a new community event and if you’re an artist, it will be the catalyst for the art you produce. Most masterpieces were painted by strokes of pain.

7. Your love becomes stronger


You love more deeply and you are more open to being vulnerable. Even though pain makes you stronger, it makes you softer too. It makes you want to give love and ease someone else’s pain. Your love becomes pure and more profound.

8. It makes you fight for happiness


When you’re in pain, you look for ways to feel better and ways to be happy. You do things you never thought you would just to put a smile on your face. It makes you active in the pursuit of happiness.

9. It makes you more spiritual


When you can’t understand why certain things happen to you, you tend to look for answers outside of yourself. You try to understand God and the universe. You try to comprehend the divine laws and you start to slowly believe that there must be a bigger reason for your pain – you become more in touch with your spirituality and you pay more attention to it.

10. Your scars make you beautiful


The scars no one can see, the scars that hold stories of pain and survival, the scars that show that you’ve fought for something or loved someone, the scars that indicate that you have been bruised but you’re still walking – your scars make you different, they make you a human being with imperfections and they make you special.

16 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Pain Is Necessary For Success

    1. Thank you for your time. Very good question.

      The effect of pain’s relief acts like a drug. I do agree with you on that. However, I think it depends on the individual. If the pain is recreated subconsciously well it’s an unconscious process. If the pain is recreated consciously for the sole purpose of feeling a sense of relief, I believe the right name for people like that is “masochists”. I believe nobody who has been through hell and back would ever want to recreate that. Well, nobody in their right mind that is.

      Infinite peace and wisdom Infinite Living!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I would like to add just one thing here, there are many ppl in the works who after experiencing and going through a painful process makes sure that u have to go through the same shit, you endure the same painful life they have, they develop revengeful attitude rather than feeling empathy, great post, I pretty much think in those lines too, just thought to add a bit of what I HV seen around. Take care.

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    1. Thank you for your time.

      I believe the people who have revengeful attitudes lost their soul in the process instead of finding it…
      Pain changes everyone. Either for the better or the worst.

      In other words, pain will make some people choose the dark side… And sometimes it’s an unconscious choice. If it is a conscious decision well they are psychopath.

      But, you know, some people think in order to not relive what they’ve been through they have to become predators themselves because they remember life as a prey.

      There is nothing that can be done to save this person but runaway from their negative energy. Save yourself while you can. We all need to grow on our own sometimes…

      There are things we need to realize on our very own. If this person eats up your soul, please, spare yourself some damage.

      Listen carefully. Everybody hurts whether consciously or unconsciously.

      I myself was once an hyena. A metaphor I use to say that I would hurt people very much unconsciously because I did not know how to deal with my own pain. I was in so much emotional and psychological pain… It was unbearable. For that particular matter, I was walking with a chip on my shoulder thinking the whole world owes me something… Well guess what, one day, I found myself all alone with nobody around. Only me myself and that unbearable pain.

      Three choices presented themselves: die, kill or grow out of it.

      Thankfully, I was able to find God… But not God as religion presents it… God as an infinite being. God as a spiritual guide… God as the Universe. God as an infinite loving and caring energy… And I had to understand that energy was buried inside of me, waiting for me to use it to heal. Nobody could of ever showed me the way but myself alone.

      But unfortunately some people give in to death, whether they choose to commit suicide or murder someone. You don’t wanna be around to find out which road they will choose. If they are wise they will find the light. But that is up to them to see something good is awaiting for them at the end of the tunnel. You can try telling and showing them with all of your heart, as much as you can and as much as you think they need it, but if they are blind they won’t see it.

      Hope this helps.

      Infinite peace and wisdom!


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