11 Ways You’re Keeping Yourself On Survival Mode


Here are 11 Ways You’re Keeping Yourself On Survival Mode

1. You have no idea how to live


If your existence consists of waking up, going to work/school, eat, sleep then repeat and nothing else, well, you’ve been so busy surviving all of these years that you forgot to live. If your time spent strictly consists of worrying about paying your bills, getting money for your rent, getting grades, filling up your fridge or being anxious about something else, you have no idea what it is to be living. If you look at others that seem to be enjoying their life and envy them, you ain’t living your life right. Although it is important to pay your bills, pay your rent on time or get good grades, your life shouldn’t strictly be about that. It is unhealthy to live a life of constant stress.

2. You forgot how to have fun


When is the last time you had a great laugh? When is the last time you did something stupid like taking a puff of marijuana? When is the last time you went out just to go out? Did you forget how to have fun? What would please you right now? What would make you smile right now? What would wake your inner-child up? You need to release the pressure. Find healthy ways to release the pressure.


3. You never celebrate your birthday


When is the last time you really celebrated your birthday and went big about it? Maybe your birthday is even today as you read this article. Did you get a cake? What are you planning on doing? At least get cupcakes or get a pie if you hate cakes.


If you have no friends or family to celebrate with, just tell the neighbor or a friendly stranger on the street. They will wish you happy birthday even if they have no idea who the bizarre hell you are and that will make you feel awesome. Trust me. Just do it.


Stop skipping your own birthday stipulating it’s not important that it’s just a date but wish someone would notice, deep down inside. Your birthday is more than just a date. It is the day that you, yes, you, came in this world. You are almighty. And you should celebrate your almightiness.

4. You have no idea how to make friends




Another way you are keeping yourself on survival mode; you have no idea how to make friends. In high school it was easy, let alone in kindergarten. Maybe it was not. Maybe it was. But it was long long time ago. What really matters is now. You are on survival mode if your life is friendless. You spend all your days and nights alone by yourself. If being able to enjoy your own company without the needs of others is a sign of intelligence and a sign of inner-strength, it could also be signs that you are afraid of interpersonal connections. I don’t blame you, human beings can be mean and really careless at times.

Many of us stopped wanting to be around human beings due to bad past experiences with them. We are protecting ourselves from getting hurt and manipulated again. Although you should never stop protecting yourself from danger and always follow your intuition because there are psychopaths out there praying on preys and wick people, there is something important you need to realize today. You are not a prey.

Thinking we are inferior means we feel vulnerable to harm. Believe me when I tell you that we’re all equal therefore you are safe from harm. All the struggle you went through made you become a lion or lioness. You probably scare everybody away for that matter. Try taming yourself a bit. Let some people in your Pride. But not just anyone. Don`t just let the first venue in because that person might be unworthy of your presence. However, there are some people, other trustworthy lions and lionesses that deserve your friendship. Carefully let them in. Learn how to recognize good company.

There are great people out there waiting for you. But if that still sounds scary, get yourself a pet. This will force you to form a strong bound with a being other than yourself. And you will slowly learn how to connect with others. I know pets are not like humans, but they are in some ways. Just like pets, humans will never refuse to share a meal, cuddles or a drink 😉

Whatever reasons that brought you to fear the company of people; you can overcome those fears and break the barriers that keep you from enjoying a fulfilling life.

5. You’re hiding your true identity


Some people are not capable of interpersonal bounds or living out their life because they are scared to show who they truly are. They are hiding their true identity. It could be because they have no idea who they truly are or it could be because their true self has been rejected so many times in the past that they slowly started to reject themselves as well. And today they’re just a fragment of who they actually truly are. If you know who your true-self is or even if you only have a vague idea, you need to start accepting yourself right now. It’s never too late. Now is always the right time and will always be. Of course your true identity might look rusty and feel a bit dusty at first; you’ve been hiding it for so long. But it is your true nature, and whatever your true nature is, it needs to be expressed in a healthy way.

6. You’re scared to do the things you love


There’s always something we wish we could do. Whether it is zip lining, getting a climbing license, learning how to play a musical instrument, learning how to cook, learning how to draw, go out skating or rollerblading, painting, going on a weekend road trip, getting a tattoo, there is always something you wish you could do. However, many times we put barriers to as to why we can’t: we are too young or too old, we are too busy… And then there’s the mean one: we have no money. Well, if money is the only reason keeping you from doing what you would really enjoy doing; I guess you know what to do now. Get money and invest in yourself. Make an investment for life in your happy bank. Happiness is a good investment. Trust me. Because yes, sometimes, the things that will make you happy are things you spend money for. Tell’em A.D.S said it.

7. You’re afraid of people opinions


Do you keep yourself on survival mode because you are afraid of people opinions? What would they say if you truly start living your life and be happy? Will they think you are selfish? Well, if you are surrounded by people who would rather see you struggling than to see you living, you might want to re-evalute your surroundings. It could be anyone from a family member, your partner or a fake friend you think you have. We are often conditioned to not ask for more and appreciate the bare minimum. Although the attitude of gratitude is the right way, this does not mean you should not strive for more. Society conditions us to accept life the way it is and not complain because it wants to keep us from reaching our true potential. Society wants to keep you in the poor/peasant mind set. If the working class mentality does not serve you, elevate yourself and don’t listen the little man’s opinion.

8. You judge yourself too harshly


You’re not living life to the fullest because you are being way too hard on yourself. Stop being so harsh. Cut yourself some slack. If you’re not harming anyone, well you deserve to be living. You deserve to do other things than worrying about bills and rent. You should want to wake up tomorrow, not disappear.





9. You’re broke all the time


They will try to tell you that money is not important for happiness. Whoever said that does not know what it is to be broke or poor all the time. It is very limiting and frustrating. But that’s also exactly how society wants us to be; limited. Therefore they come out with limiting mentality quotes for the middle man such as “money does not make you happy” while the rich buys jets, yachts and plays golf every day… Although money shouldn’t be your sole mean for being happy, it can be used to better your lifestyle. It is your birthright to seek to attract material abundance as a creator being to enhance the comfort of your physical life. This last statement brings us to the next point.


10. You never spoil yourself


Another thing keeping you on survival mode; you restrain yourself and never spoil yourself. You should celebrate all your achievements. No matter how small they are. Spoil yourself. Buy a new shirt. Get a new pair of shoes or a new watch. Take yourself out on a date. Take a break from stress and anxiety. Celebrate the being that you are.


11. You have no idea how to receive


You could be on survival mode because you are scared to ask for help because you don’t know how to receive help or anything else for that matter. We are so harshly conditioned to give and never ask nothing in return that we forget how to receive. In our society, receiving is nearly seen as a bad or selfish thing. Therefore we never ask for help, love, attention, care, money, compassion, friendships, breaks, days off, apologies… We, rarely, let alone –never– ask for the things that could save us from survival mode.


It is up to you to turn your survival mode off and activate your “i-live-my-life” mode.

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