THANK YOU Q&As! Milestone: 300 Followers


I would like to thank you all on this success in achieving 300 Followers on Alternate Dimension Studio’s (ADS) Blog! The completion of this milestone means a lot to our journey! Stay tune as we will keep sharing infinite love!

To celebrate this occasion, I will be answering 5 questions that you may have about us! I will only answer the first 5 comments and 1 question per comment. If  there is anything you want to know about the author behind the blog, this post is your chance! Please choose your questions wisely!

A side note to those who are still waiting for their promised free eBook copy; we haven’t forgotten about you. We are still waiting after the publisher. We apologize for the inconvenient. You will receive your copy soon.

Infinite peace and wisdom!

11 thoughts on “THANK YOU Q&As! Milestone: 300 Followers

    1. Thank you for your time. I like your question lol.

      Hopefully this answer will satisfy your curiosity… I find my inspiration to be striking at times when my soul needs food that my stomach can’t eat… And then, for some strange reason, I feel fully filled and satisfied.

      We all get inspired differently… Know what I mean? 😉

      What about you? Since you’ve mentioned that food inspires you to be creative, now I wonder, what food inspires you?

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      1. Totally know what you mean! For me being a foodie, where I live I can eat at four corners of the world not even a five minute drive from my house so it’s often a struggle where to go sometimes. lol But! I find that often I get inspired by what I eat so for me to create something musically I am driven by what I have been eating sometimes. Food creates an in-depth or playful mood in me and I find that food often becomes the catalyst for ideas when sitting among friends or by oneself and looking out a window at the world. But I admire your method of filling yourself through satisfaction of soul. Brilliance. Thank you for your answer : )

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    1. Thank you for your time.

      Great question. I get to meet wonderful people from all over the world with AD. Visiting all those amazing and enlightening blogs from awakened people I didn’t even know exist is more than I could ever asked for my spiritual journey. It is showing me that there is still hope in this chaotic world and that maybe this “new world” that is happening isn’t so bad after all.

      Thank you. Infinite peace and wisdom!

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    1. Thank you for your kindness. This is a great question I never really thought of… Coming from a place of poverty and misery, I would say i’m inspired by the little man/woman who get up every morning to go to work when he/she could easily give up and give in to negativity. I’m also greatly inspired by people who follow their dreams and believe in themselves without letting nobody leading them astray.

      Oh and besides, to answer your last question; if stretching and doing couple push-ups everyday count as workout, I do workout lol. What really counts as workout, anyway?

      Hope you’re having a great weekend so far.

      Infinite peace and wisdom!

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      1. Thank you for your answer! I’m glad to hear that you are inspired by the men and women who keep the world going. I can watch movie after movie that portrays a troubled youth from the wrong side of the tracks who, through perseverance and determination, achieves success. We can’t go wrong when we believe in a better tomorrow and we fight to make it a reality.
        In regards to the second part, anything active is great, but a workout I would say is when you sweat and feel like you pushed yourself a bit. That’s just my definition, but good for you for keeping yourself healthy. Every little bit counts….and helps!
        Congrats again on 300! As a side note, check out the 300 workout! Now, that’s a killer 😉

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