Success Is Your Birth Right


Believe me when I say this; success is your birth right.

No matter what they are telling you or how much of a failure they make you feel like, you are born to be successful in your life. Let me prove this theory to you. The very first thing you’ve achieved was the grand voyage to the Uterus. Your second astonished success was the survival of your delivery to this physical world. We are all born successful; there is no doubt about it.

Now to remain successful is another fight. And sometimes we get lost on the battlefield. I would be lying to you if I would tell you that we all make it successful. Unfortunately, some of us just give up or vanished suddenly. But who knows, maybe death is just another door to another chain of successes? Nothing really gets lost. Everything is forever recycled. So when you think you lost the battle, be certain that you did not.

Every single bit of energy that you put into whatever fight you are dealing with right now as you read those lines is being recycled and can be reused. Therefore when you fall, the energy it took you to fall on the ground becomes new energy you can use to get up. If you did not get the job position of your dreams, well use that energy to rethink your strategy. If you failed a test, use that energy to study harder or to simply forgive yourself. When you cry over a breakup or over a loss, the tears that you are shedding are also bits of energy that can be used to heal your sorrow. The more you cry, the more energy you are producing. The more you try at achieving your goals, the more energy you are also producing, and so forth.

Each single one of your actions, emotions, thoughts; are bits of energy that are being recycled in the Universe. So next time you think to yourself; “I don’t have no more energy for this”, are you sure? Trust me. You do have more energy. You will never run out of it. Every single bit of your soul produces energy every day and every minute of your life.

Understand that energy is neither bad nor good. Energy is neutral. Your perception of that particular energy is what makes it good or bad. Energy is only negative if it feels negative to you. And it is only positive if it feels positive to you. Basically, energy takes the shape of whatever object you want it to be. When you do not use it, well it is unused energy. Floating energy.


We live in an abundant Universe, and, you, and I are bundle of recycled energies. We can never run out of energy. You have infinite abundant energy. The Universe provides infinite bits of energy for you and for all of us. There are even more energy produced for those who seek. And the reason for this phenomenon you already know the answer to it;

Success is your birth right.

24 thoughts on “Success Is Your Birth Right

    1. Thank you for your time.

      I know that struggle. I believe if there is no opportunity coming your way, maybe it is an opportunity for you to create your own, who knows? I know little about who you are, but through your blog I can tell you are talented. And I’m sure you have many other great talents. What did you graduate in?

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      1. It is one way of viewing it among many others. I do agree that our reality could be just a hologram or an illusion. And what we think we experience as life or consciousness could be another state.

        I actually did intensive research on the subject of consciousness. Turns out there are many many perspectives : biological, psychological, physical (quantum) and philosophical perspectives.

        After documenting myself heavily, I stand in awe. I don’t know what consciousness is.

        I believe it was meant to be and remain a mystery. Being a programmer, it’s often a fantasy in my world to be able to “program” a mind (true sentient A.I.). However, I believe it is impossible since nobody understands what consciousness is. The movie Transcendence, staring Johnny Depp, is a depiction of the human fantasy and desire to be able to upload our mind into a machine and to turn ourselves and the entire planet into quantum data… And at one point in the movie, Morgan Freeman asks the memory of Johnny Depp, now uploaded in a machine; “Can you prove that you are aware?” And the machine replies: “Can you prove that you are doctor?” This question alone is mind blowing to me.. Because how can we really prove that we are truly aware?

        To understand consciousness would mean to reveal the secret of our existence. A bit like cracking the code of life. It could do great and amazing things in the hands of great people. But horrible and horrendous things in the hands of wicked minds.

        Consciousness could be something we experience as sentient beings, just like your pet or any other animals. I really find myself submerged in mystery when staring in the eye of an animal, since the eye is the window of the soul. They always seem to know something I don’t. Try it yourself. If you can have a deep connection with a bird or any other animal, you will stare at each other for minutes. It is really intriguing to me, because we cannot understand each other. But they seem to have a lot to say.

        If you are interested in reading more on the subject, Robert Van Gulick released an interesting paper in the 2014 Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Spring Edition in which he presents the different perspectives on consciousness. It’s worth a read. It’s very enlightening.

        Here’s the link: http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/consciousness/

        Tell me what you think… Who knows, it may inspire you? 😉

        Infinite peace and wisdom!


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