You Are Abundant


We were all born from an infinite abundant source; the Universe.

You and I are abundant beings. All the things that you seek outside of yourself are already inside of yourself. If you seek to attract your dream relationship, your dream job, your dream apartment or house, your dream car or anything that you dream of, whatever dreams it is, that dream is inside of yourself. Your true goal is to bring out your dreams and wishes; Inside out.

Understand that you already have the love that you seek. You already have the peace that you seek. You already have whatever it is that you seek. With that concept, you begin to understand that you can materialize anything that you seek because you already have it. Nobody can take away that abundance because it is there in permanence. It never goes away. It is there with you whether you are conscious or unconscious of its presence.

For instance, if you are going through a breakup and you feel like they have taken something away from you, it is only because you think they did, that it actually feels like they really have. Truth is, you always remain abundant because that abundance is ingrained in your DNA. It is ingrained in all our DNA. Really think about it. What is DNA? It is an infinite gene sequence taking the shape of an eight; eight being the infinity number. Yes, really, abundance is your DNA.

If you are unsatisfied for whatever reason, it is because you seek to find answers outside of yourself. The answers lie within you. You can create and co-create yourself, at any age, at any time. Your reality can change if you wish it to change. You are not a slave to your brain but your brain is a slave to you. Your brain is inside of your consciousness and not the opposite.

Once you understand the power that was landed to you as an abundant being, abundance will start flowing because you have the power to materialize and externalize your internal self. A simple way to prove this; when we are angry, we externalize anger. Anger can take many forms and shapes. Just like when we are happy, we externalize happiness. And that same happiness can take many forms and shapes.

Next time you externalize an emotion, ask yourself: how did this emotion materialize/externalize?

Use the same process to externalize and materialize the abundance that you have inside.

6 thoughts on “You Are Abundant

    1. Thank you for your time!

      Usually I write and just let it out in the wild without double checking the words. I post my ideas in their integrity. But now that you mention it, I will be even more careful about my typos.

      Infinite peace and wisdom!

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