Your Brain Is Plastic And Can Manifest Anything


Most people have a completely wrong concept or understanding of what it takes to be successful.
Success isn’t linear.  Success isn’t easy.  Success isn’t a secret.  Or a push-button software.
Success is a mindset.
Wealth is a mindset.
Health is a mindset.
The life everyone is living is based on the framework their mind has come up with based on traumatic and enjoyable circumstances, that’s the bad news.
You didn’t have control over life’s events.
You are where you are because of what you believe.  And while what you believe might be 100% valid, it doesn’t mean it’s the ultimate truth.
The truth is an elusive thing.
The good news?
You can always allow yourself to have new views of life.  The mind is plastic after all.
Meaning, neuro-science has confirmed that the brain can be reshaped at any age and that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.
You’ll find that as you allow a new view to arise, your actions will align with that view.
And this is where success can be found.

17 thoughts on “Your Brain Is Plastic And Can Manifest Anything

  1. That is so true and yet we find it so difficult to put our shoe on the other foot and look at things from a different angle. If you get chance have a look at one of my first posts – the picture of the parrot – it’s pretty amazing how our brain interprets what we see – not everything is as it first appears… https://brilliancewithin.com/2016/03/12/are-thoughts-damaging-relationships/

    Plastic mind – I like the idea of moulding the change!

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      1. The hardest thing to do is to change ourselves… It’s a tedious task that most people avoid doing… I’m sending you positive vibes and hope that you find what you’re looking for on your journey to “brain moulding.”

        Thanks bunch! Infinite peace and wisdom! x

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      2. Thanks so much – I really appreciate it. I suspect I’m on a never ending journey and for the remainder of my life it’s going to be an ‘amazing’ journey! xx

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      3. Hahah – brilliant isn’t it! Somebody sent it to me a few months ago – I’ve no idea what the source was.. It’s so amazing though so I couldn’t resist using it! Perspectives – I love it! x

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  2. The mind is not only plastic, but everything that it focuses on is plastic as well. We change our reality constantly by how we think about it.

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  3. I beg to disagree! I liked the post but? I no longer agree with this mind thing to achieve success or whatever! It’s a long complicated thing that has turned mighty simple for me at the sound of hitting the deepest bottom! I quit this brilliant mind of mine and? The bliss I have found out of my mind confound? No comparison!
    Even so? I agree–The brain is plastic–a plastic object far from the value of real gold! 🙂

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