Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?



The path of Consciousness, the Universe, is the hardest; because every day your Faith is tested. Take strength in those tests. They are made just for you. One thing we have to realize is that we all have been chosen individually. Or, maybe we all have chosen to be here? You decide. Me, personally, as a spiritual being having a human experience, I’m clueless. I admit. I do not hold any answers. I suggest propositions. And today my proposition is this; I suggest that you decide for yourself.

What is your human experience on Earth as a spiritual being? Thinking about your experience, are you wondering why certain things happen to you sometimes? We all do. We wonder why bad things happen to children and good people. We wonder why so many times…

The answer to the question why is; because we have chosen to live that experience. I hear you say: “well it doesn’t make sense… why would a child choose to get abused, abducted or to get leukemia?” Well, we see this spiritual being as a human child, but deep down it is just a spirit having a human experience. The reasons why an entity chooses to experience Earth the way it chose to will remain a mystery that will be revealed only to it when Time comes for it to know the truth.

An entity chooses different experiences for its own reasons. An entity can choose to be a child suffering from leukemia. Another one can choose to be a black man in America. And another one to be Muslim etc…


Speaking about the experiences we choose, I realize that the life I’m living right now makes perfect sense with who I am or intend to be. My experience is perfectly logical when I think about it deeply. Last night during my regular stretching session (call it yoga or meditation if you want…), I went further than usual. I went into deep deep water. Then something amazing happened; I had a very enlightening moment that I want to share with you.

Take a minute and think about your life. But this time, do it in a different way that you usually do. Try to be neutral during the reading of this article. Go somewhere. Come with me.

Think about your experience on Earth.


When you really, really, stop and think about everything that has happened to you and everything that is happening to you; tell me, doesn’t it make sense with the person that you are deep down inside? We’re all here to experience Earth. And as weird as it may sound, every experience that is happening to you is a choice. Why? Because it makes sense with who you are and who you wish to become.

Isn’t it reassuring to know that your life is in between your hands? There is something amazing and beautiful to know that we’re master and servant at the same time, isn’t it?


We serve the Universe but we also govern it. The Universe serves you but also governs you.

For example, we see death as tragedy. But is death really a tragedy? We see the death of children as tragedy. But with everything that was said above, is it really a tragedy or does it have more to do with their choice as spiritual beings?

For instance, could a spiritual being choose to experience Earth as a suffering child so that they can leave Earth very early? Could it be that they got what they needed to move on to the next level? A child with leukemia often teaches the adults around to be brave, because as a spiritual being, it has understood and accepted its fate. Death is the way that we exit Earth or/and our vessel. To go where? I don’t know. I never went there. All I know is the body is being recycled by Earth.

It is the same thing with animals. They are spiritual beings having an animal experience. Some entity chose to experience Earth as a whale. Another one chose to experience Earth as a bird or worm.




Why do bad things happen to good and innocent people? Because of the choices of certain entities. Because of humans. Humans do bad things. Humans are wicked. Humans are greedy. Humans are selfish. Humans are [insert word here]… But at the end, humans are nothing but spiritual beings experiencing Earth

If the world is such in a bad shape, it is because of how some spiritual beings choose to experience life through their human-self.


They ask: “if there is such thing as God, why does he allow these things to happen? Why doesn’t he stop those spiritual beings to do bad things?” Well, because the God that you talk about hasn’t been proven to exist as a single and independent entity. The God I talk about is consciousness. And that consciousness is you and me.

We are creators. We are also destroyers. It is two sides of the same coin.

God is a two sided coin; Yin & Yan, day & night, black & white.

All the elements reunite to form an entity; equilibrium.

4 thoughts on “Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

  1. I know what you are saying, but this is a very difficult idea to express. We are both God and man living out both an earthly and a spiritual experience. Where we are is what will take us to where we should be… if we stop and consider the moments, and what they teach us along the path.

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    1. Thank you for your time. Indeed it is a very difficult idea to express. I like your ideas.

      After watching the Theory of Everything, I now strongly believe that every human on Earth seeks God one way or another, whether it is through Science, Religion, Spirituality, Crime or Disbelief. We’re all here waiting for answers to the most two popular existential questions ever: “Are we alone in the Universe?” and “How did we get here?”

      We could be both God and man. We could also be just man. And we could also just be spirits as well.

      The living condition is hard to explain because we can’t clearly prove anything.

      Infinite peace and wisdom!

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  2. I am understanding the points you bringing across. I agree with the point of view that God is the Consciousness/Universe. It sees, knows us to be perfect with everything there is. Every experience is a choice at a deeper level, to facilitate the evolution of humans to come closer to their pure Consciousness. Universe doesn’t judge anything as good or bad. Everything simply Is, part of a perfect design. Every earthly/human experience becomes spiritual experience when we have true awareness about it.

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