Open Your Heart


By now you should know the law of the Universe is a law of love. You have the key to your heart and your heart is the key to everything else.

Opening your heart means you are opening yourself to give and to receive.

However, you’ve been hurt before. Careful who and what you open yourself to.  It’s okay to take your time. Take your time. Gage and assess. Follow your intuition. Please listen to your inner-voice. If you feel something is wrong, don’t go or don’t do it. If you feel someone is bad for you, walk away from that individual. Let them deal with themselves for a while. You do not want to attract darkness again. Your goal is to open your heart and welcome the Universe into your life.


Opening your heart means you are opening yourself to you. There is tremendous and infinite love inside of you. If only you could see. Love yourself. Your past mistakes do not define who you are. Your love is who you are. Show love to yourself. Respect yourself.

Respecting yourself means you align with who you are deeply inside. It means you accept others. But accepting others do not necessarily mean you have to agree with who they are. It means you understand they are different from you. And you understand that everyone is unique.

You listen to everyone around you. But, have you forgotten to listen to you?

There’s a voice inside of you that wants you to succeed. It’s been shut off. I invite you to reawaken that voice. The voice of love. Your voice of love.

Only you know what is best for you.

Nobody walks in your shoes. Nobody truly knows what is like to be you. Nobody has to deal with what you have to deal with. Nobody goes to sleep and wake up in your body.

So you know what you have to do right?

Open your heart.





9 thoughts on “Open Your Heart

  1. Many are making the switch from looking at life from the outward perspective to looking at life from the perspective of the inner eyes, the inner voice. What a pleasant experience it is to find oneself.

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