Celebrate Your Micro Accomplishements

Ladder of success in blackboard

Everyone has dreams and visions but not everyone achieve goals nor make plans and take action. If you took action, you are closer to success than anyone who did not. Hence the importance for you to celebrate your micro accomplishments.

Examples of micro accomplishments:

  • You terminated and walked away from a toxic relationship;
  • You overcome the fear of being alone;
  • You finished reading a brick;
  • You overcome procrastination;
  • You went back to school (university, high school, anything);
  • You wrote an article on your blog;
  • You quit your depressing job;
  • You overcome fear of success;
  • You started a business;
  • You overcome fear of failure;
  • You signed up for the gym;
  • You lost 1 to 5 pounds;
  • You bought a new or used car;
  • You decided to take out your old dusty musical instrument (if you have one)
  • You just graduated from a program;
  • You passed an exam;
  • You try to make a reconciliation with a family member by engaging in small talks;
  • You cut down on your cigarettes;
  • You went out in a small public area for few minutes;
  • You overcome your social anxiety;
  • You went out of your house;
  • You got yourself a pet;
  • You tried rollerskating or maybe you even landed a trick? lol
  • You stood up to your bully;
  • You started learning a new language;
  • You started learning a new instrument;
  • Etc.


Each step you take towards the top of the ladder, stop for a glimpse of second and look back to see how far you made it.

Then keep going.

Celebrating your micro accomplishments means that every time you make it to another step on the ladder, you will offer yourself or someone else a gift.

It may seems strange to offer someone else a gift to celebrate your own success, however, there’sΒ  nothing like making someone happy to bring yourself tremendous happiness.

The idea of celebrating is to do something nice to keep positive energy circulating.


A gift does not have to be materialistic, it could be anything from:

  • Smiling at yourself in the mirror;
  • Giving your own reflection an high five (you will feel silly doing this and that’s exactly the point. It will make you laugh);
  • Get yourself a card at the dollar store (again this will feel silly but you don’t have to write down your name. Buy a card as if you get it for someone else but deep down you know it’s for you);
  • Rearranging your furniture in your house,Β  apartment or room (redecorate without spending);
  • Pick some flowers and put them in a pot;
  • Reach out to an old friend from university, high school, primary, or even kindergarten (with Facebook everything is possible) and tell them you just wanted to say hi but keep your expectations low so you don’t get disappointed with their reaction (at the end of the day you did it for you, not for them. You will be proud that you had the guts to do it);
  • Offer a free hug or two;
  • Ordering food from your favorite restaurant;
  • Taking your family or friends out at the movies;
  • Making someone laugh;
  • Giving something away for free;
  • Offering your pet an haircut;
  • Buying yourself a new t-shirt;
  • Smiling at a stranger or engaging in a short conversation about the weather;
  • Getting out of the house for a nice walk;
  • Helping an old lady cross the street;
  • Etc.

And repeat this ritual every time you accomplish something small on your journey to success. You will start feeling a great sense of accomplishment.







4 thoughts on “Celebrate Your Micro Accomplishements

  1. Your list of micro accomplishments were great, but the celebratory details were that much better. Hug! That’s my celebratory detail for reading the post. πŸ™‚


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