Higher The Knowledge Greater The Power


Many people believe money is power, but the true power is knowledge. Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance enslaves your mind. Being in the know is to be and live at higher frequencies. Fear no knowledge as it is the only door to enlightenment and wisdom.

With  knowledge you have the power to manifest anything you desire.










12 thoughts on “Higher The Knowledge Greater The Power

  1. Knowledge is like raw goods. Understanding is knowing what to do with them, and wisdom is being informed to such a level that one automatically converts them to best use.

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    1. Thank you for your time.

      Yes knowledge is everything, even if getting wiser come at great costs. We always seem to be learning lessons the hard way. And sometimes I wonder it’s really necessary. Then I realize yes it is. A scar is the greatest reminder 😉

      Besides, I deleted the liebster post. Because I can’t accept the award. I have realized it was an error on my part.

      And it’s great. I’m glad you could find inspiration! I haven’t come along one of your posts in my feed for a long time. Looking forward to see you there!

      Infinite peace and wisdom!

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      1. I always like that sign off: Infinite peace and wisdom!
        I’ve been posting daily. You’re always welcome to drop by. 😉

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  2. In my life i have come to know my ignorance, from there i learned my wisdom, the understanding and knowledge of my own truths and lies. Lastly to comprehend what is truly to be myself before others. In short yes knowledge is power first then shared to those who knows thyself.

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