Everything You Seek Is Seeking You


What you seek is seeking you, reason why you are seeking it.

If you seek nothingness, nothingness is seeking you.

If you seek abundance, abundance is seeking you.

I seek abundance, therefore abundance is seeking me.

As you are moving towards the life you need, the life you need is moving towards you.

Keep moving towards the life you need and the life you need will keep moving towards you.

No matter what you do, whatever you seek is seeking you.





9 thoughts on “Everything You Seek Is Seeking You

  1. I’ve had some great experiences creating Vision Boards to open my mind up to the possibilities and it’s amazing how many of my dream visions that I included have come true. They seem to appear in unexpected ways.. Everything we have developed as humans has started off in the imagination of individuals.. Thanks for sharing this as a reminder. x

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