What Sacrifices Are You Ready To Make To Succeed?



I thought I’d opened up a nice conversation with you 🙂

As summer goes, I realize I will probably have to sacrifice spending long days enjoying the beautiful nice hot weather in order to make my company grow. Not that i’m complaining about it. I’m enjoying every bit of the journey. There has been many roller-coasters and I know many more are to come.

One of the first obstacles I faced was earlier this year when something kept us from publishing the book we spent so much time writing. I took it as a sign from the Universe and decided to postpone the publication to really focus on my true passion: web and application development. I first started programming I was 17 years old. As many of you already know, my love for technology started even earlier in my early teenage years.

Somehow down the road, I forgot how engineering websites, web applications, software and the like, made me feel. I simply do not see time go by when I dive in the strange and sometimes overwhelming world of code, A.I and programs. It feels like a second nature. I get in the zone and it feels like my life is right again. I get butterflies in my stomach as if I’m falling in love. It makes me smile, it makes me happy.


Although, I do not make a cent out of what i’m doing right now and it feels kind of lonely and overwhelming at times, the gain I get from engineering programs or even just landing a successful code snippet after long hours of frustrating debugging, is priceless. Working for myself, setting objectives, meeting deadlines and achieving little goals, make me feel alive.


I have tried starting two companies in the past and they both failed hard. But with a lot of self-examination, today I know why they failed: Not only I was inexperienced but A) I was doing it for the wrong reasons and B) I wasn’t truly following my purpose (both companies were not really related to my passion).

But life is life I guess. Sometimes we need to fall hard in order to get back up. So here I go again on the uncertain, sometimes, discouraging, dark entrepreneurial road. However, this time I got a good feeling because I do things that I was never willing to do. For example, I wake up at 6am every morning to find prospects and write cold emails. As the day goes by I work on our website and do some more programming until very late at night. I even find myself going to bed when the sun wakes up. Time flies when you enjoy what you do!

Ever since I started letting go of the things that do not serve me anymore, like my toxic relationship with my ex who wanted to stay friends with me, I have started to heal significantly. I have hope and faith.


Anyways… enough rambling, what about you? Are you working on something? If yes, what is it that you are trying to accomplish? There is no such thing as a small dream. If it’s big for you, you dream big 🙂

Let’s have a chat if you feel like, i’m really opened!

PS: here the website we’re working on: http://wm24hinc.com/ . That’d be nice if you could land us a little visit and tell me what you think. Please take note it is still a work in progress. Many pictures have to be modify for a more aesthetic view.

I’d also be delighted in seeing your work if it’s online or like I said above, learn more about your journey that you are currently going through.

Infinite peace and wisdom!

14 thoughts on “What Sacrifices Are You Ready To Make To Succeed?

  1. I had no idea you were a website designer. Very cool! French and English too. Does this mean you’re Canadian?
    We go through a fair bit of this in life. It seems like we are spinning our wheels for a while, but that is precisely what sets us up for what we really want to do with ourselves. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your time ART! I’m such a geek lol. And you got that right… Part of who I am is Canadian because I live in Canada right now but it is not my sole identity 😉

      By the way, I’m so intrigued by what you are doing right now yet you still keep it a mystery… 😛

      I read on your About page that you’ve always been a CEO/manager of some business… Are you still owning a business?

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      1. Not at the present time. I took a some time off in the last year to rewrite my book and work on this blog. I’m CEO of this blog, lol!
        There are more things planned, but there are some barriers to break through and they can only be broken through in the spiritual, so I’m leaving my public, physical life off for a bit. 🙂

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      2. Thank you so much! There’s lot’s going on behind the scenes. Even I am curious to see where they will “manifest”.

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  2. That’s really cool that you are a web designer. I tend to program more on the application side of things as well as mobile apps (although I’m still a novice).

    That website looks really good. Is it contractual (or volunteer) work that you are doing or is it for your own company?

    One improvement point I will give though (very minor) is when you hover your mouse over “HOW DOES THE DESIGN PROCESS WORK?”, we are presented with a fade in dialog. The text in there seems to be center aligned. While it works great for the text above the numbered points, the points themselves could benefit from left alignment just to make things look a bit more neat and organized.

    I can relate to the idea of time just buzzing by without your even noticing it. I was recently working on a personal twitter application (coded in java using Twitter4j library) that is meant to help me tweet out things in bulk. Still needs some work but whenever I work on it, time just seems to fly by and the creative energy really seems to take over. Same is true of writing for me.

    The same happened when I was working on my very first Android app that I published designed to help with depression through motivation and inspiration. Both projects have provided much challenge and satisfaction. Plus the self-learning process can be just so invigorating for the mind because it is something you want to learn at that time vs being forced to learn something in a classroom just to pass that next assignment or test.


    1. Thank you for your time. Wise words. Wise words. I couldn’t agree more.

      WM24H Inc. is something I’m working on as an entrepreneur… We are currently trying to market the idea to a list of tangible prospects. However, marketing is not my cup of tea! But i’m learning a lot! Thanks for asking. I took note of your feedback for the website and I will be making improvement. Thanks for your opinion. Everything is still a work in progress.

      I never dove in the world of Android applications and such. That is awesome that you have the patience for such tedious tasks. JAVA can be really frustrating at times. Kudos!

      I’d like to see that android app you created, if it’s available somewhere of course, because i’m a very curious person by nature. I like to see people’s work and find inspiration in their creations!

      Twitting in bulk is a great idea! I didn’t even know we could actually do that, I always thought twitter had regulations to prevent spams… But I might be speaking through my hat as well lol.

      Are you making a living off what you are doing or is it just an hobby? What is your current goal right now? Are you looking forward to sell that twitter app? 🙂

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      1. I hope this entrepreneur effort works out for you positively to some extent.

        For the android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dynamesproductions.montymason.lightexistence_depression_self_help

        It’s my first app I made so the UI is no where near pretty. But I believe it accomplishes its goal of providing inspirational and motivational material to the depressed or those who simply need it.

        Twitter has regulations against spam, however that is really dependent on how often the software would be used. If you use it every day very often, then yes it is spam. But if you do it spaced out, it can’t really be considered spam, especially not if your tweets are either links to useful articles or simply personal updates.

        For my scenario, I tweet out in bulk mostly on Tuesdays and Thursdays with tweets related to my other blog. Now if I were to tweet out links to products all the time, then that would be considered spam.

        Thought take that with a grain of salt as Twitter may see things differently. You never really know what someone means via their documentation as so many companies tend to have a bad documentation keeping habit :/.

        I don’t necessarily make any money directly off of that. The android apps are all given for free because of my belief that mental health apps should be given away for free. I don’t monetize them through ads either, no one likes those in their health apps, especially not the depressed.

        I’m thinking of releasing a more entertainment oriented app however with experimenting around with in-app adverts. That would definitely make for an interesting learning experience, integrating Google AdMobs into an app.

        The twitter application, I have decided for now is not sell-able. Since I created it with only me in my mind, I didn’t focus on the UI as much as I did on the functionality. People for the most part like pretty things, and if its not pretty but extremely functional, they still wouldn’t care much.

        I probably won’t sell the twitter application as I don’t know what legal ramifications would be involved, and I haven’t designed it for other consumers.

        I will probably do a written demo on it however to showcase it as a personal project and give a starting point to others who may want to do something similar.

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      2. Thank you for your time. I checked your depression app! Well done sir! You’re pretty good for a novice! I think you’re underestimate yourself. The GUI looks decent for a first version! I was not expecting this…

        And much respect to you for not loading your app with ads… It would def take the its purpose away… 😉

        Did you get downloads so far? I see great potential. Are you still working on developing it or is it seldom? It could really become something huge if you team up with a therapist for instance… She/he could bring you even more insight on depression and how to upgrade your app accordingly etc… Nice work! Keep up!

        Infinite peace and wisdom!

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      3. Thanks for taking the time to check out the app :).

        Thank you for your compliments regarding the app. I have gotten a few downloads, but nothing mind shattering. But as long as those that downloaded it find some value in it, then the app has achieved its goal :).

        I don’t work on this project anymore. The only time I would touch it is if I need to roll out an update to the app for any major issues. Although I may go back to it again in the future just to add more resources in there for people to access.

        While I think working with a therapist could benefit the app, I personally feel that it is at a good state as it is. The app was really created during my time of depression, so what I have created there comes from my own experiences as well and not just the simple want to help others. I believe the app can benefit greatly if its main goal was to help others overcome depression, but in reality it is meant to be a stepping stone in giving them the inspiration and motivation needed to overcome the depression (hence the 2 central themes of the app).

        Although if I do make another one (with better GUI hopefully lol), then if there is a therapist out there willing to give aid in the project, I will gladly accept it :).

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      4. I didn’t know you went through depression DP… I’m sorry. I wish that upon nobody. But, I’m glad you’ve overcome it doing something creative…

        I believe in creativity and expression as a form of healing. Whenever I fee down, I dive in creative work and I get this great sense of happiness and accomplishment. Because creating is one of the purest ways to express our emotions…

        Human being are emotional creatures, therefore emotions are key 🙂

        Sharing and helping others through personal experience is yet another pure way of expressing ourselves.

        Stay you, no matter what 😉

        Infinite peace and wisdom!

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  3. It looks like you are “Failing Forward” to me, and also making life much less stressful for small businesses that sorely need and desire your expertise. You’ll never be perfect, but your failures can teach you how to deliver your highest and best! I like seeing how far I’ve come, because it tells me how far I can go. Give yourself a hug once in a while and say thanks to yourself for all you know now. We had to learn to crawl before we learned to walk, and to walk before we learned to run. But oh, the sense of accomplishment that comes with it is huge!

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