Are You Opened To Receive?


In order for the Universe to manifest what we request, it is as important to be opened to receive than to be willing to give. It’s  not about expecting something in return. It’s about being ready and prepared to receive abundance when it comes to you because it is coming to you right now as you are taking action. How many overnight millionaires won the lottery and lost everything the next day? This is an example that shows if you are not ready to receive abundance, you are sending off ambiguous messages to the Universe. It’s like you want and need it, but hesitate at the same time. It’s called the fear of success.


Remind yourself the struggle. The hard work. The hardship. The roller-coasters into building your blog, reaching your audience, quitting your job, starting your business, moving to a new place, loosing weight, breaking-up or divorcing… Or maybe as simple as just waking-up in the morning…

Well whatever it is, you did it. And you continue to do. Because somehow there’s a little part of yourself that believes you can do it. This is your higher self elevating you baby. Your higher self thinks you are great. Your higher self loves you far more than you can ever imagine. Your higher self is in you and it is your true nature. It will never leave you if you never leave it. It wants you to be great. To feel great. Feel great about the reflection in the mirror. Feel great about the music you listen to. Feel great about the decisions you are making everyday because you are doing the best you can. And the best you can is enough. If you think you can do more, do more. If you had enough, it’s okay to take a break.



You are already on your way to success to change your life; to meeting your greatest self. Matter of fact, everyday that you wake up and put one heavy foot down outside the bed, you are waking up greater than yesterday.You are greater everyday that you get up and do something about your circumstances. The battles you fight make you great.

You deserve abundance. You deserve happiness. You are worthy of love. You are worthy of health and wealth. You are beautiful and incredibly unique. You have infinite support. The Universe is an infinite resource of love available to you.

Remind yourself that you are part of this Universe and that same Universe is also part of you. If you are willing to give, you must be opened to receive. Otherwise, you will have the feeling it’s never coming to you.

So today ask yourself: Am I opened to receive?


How do you feel when you receive a gift or a compliment? Do you make room for it or do you subtly reject it by sending the ball back? It’s okay to keep the ball and put it in your personal box, once in a while. Because if you have no room no space for abundance, how do you expect it to take place in your life? Where is it supposed to settle? Have you thought of that?

The same way you clean and prepare a room for a guest you invite at your house, you need to prepare and clean a room for abundance. Give it your best room.


If the Universe knocks, open the door and show it the way.


7 thoughts on “Are You Opened To Receive?

  1. Goals are interesting. We really do gravitate toward what we really want in life. We will go to great lengths to do one thing over the other because that is what we are set on. Where are energy goes, we go. We are a constant self fulfilling prophecy.
    So to get different results, as you’ve pointed out, we need to change. Open up, let in, switch it up, whatever it takes. The universe and us are not separate. We are a portion of it, and we direct as much of it as we can imagine.

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      1. …and it’s all connected.

        Infinite peace and wisdom to you as well!

        *I’ve always wanted to say that*

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