The Importance Of Living For Yourself


As I’m writing these lines, a lot is going on my mind… I recently decided to create myself a Facebook account after years being off social media for personal and psychological reasons. Now I know why. Going through my high school friends profile, many of them have kids, bought a house, traveled around the world… etc.

Me: A past of pain, confusion and emotional roller-coasters. Oh yeah I did travel, from couch to couch, cities to cities. Leaving an empty apartment after another… Hopping from a crappy job to another… Dysfunctional relationship after another… To living in a crappy studio today. Still is empty. I have a bed and a leaking fridge lol…

I do not own a stove nor washing machines. I have no couch. Not even a desk. Just a bed my laptop, my books, and a leaking fridge…

My diet is mainly ramen noodles cooked with hot water from the sink lol (I didn’t even know it was possible to cook ramen this way. You let them soak in the water a bit and it’s just like if you boiled water from the stove) oh and peanut butter sandwiches!

Did I mention that the ceiling of my studio is leaking when the neighbors upstairs are taking their shower? Just to add a bit of flavor on top of my ramen noodles…

But, the heck, I’m a graduate now! The ceremony is in September of this year… I’ll probably go wearing jeans, flip flops and a super hat!

That if, if i’m still alive by then. I’ll be honest with you dear readers that I appreciate from the bottom of my heart. Times are hard right now and I do not know what’s going to happen to me in August.

I’m a starving entrepreneur and a graduate that cannot even find a part-time job to help me out with my business and my financial life because they stopped giving me student loans.

If I do not make a sale or two or find a job in the next few days, I’ll be on the streets by August or dead I don’t know…


Listen carefully now.

I’ve been living all my life the wrong way. I’ve been living for others all my life. I’ve been restraining myself from being who I am. Heck, I was so heartbroken that I even closed myself to receive love. I never accepted myself. I rejected myself the same way everyone around, including my own adoptive family rejected me. I’ve been a walking zombie for a long time. Letting everyone and their mother stray me away from my true purpose. Stray me away from opening my eyes to my true nature.

I feel my life, my youth have been robbed. Until two years ago I would have never felt this way about my life. Because I was a zombie. I didn’t care. My heart was ice. My consciousness non-present.

It is because I started to care for myself and slowly move to acceptance that as I’m writing those lines, I am petrified for my future. I feel like I never had a slight chance in life. Some may call that blessings in disguise… Others curse or karma. Whatever are your beliefs. They are yours.


Yet, you won’t find not a single drug in my house, despite a heavy drug usage history. Not a single alcoholic beverage in my leaking fridge neither.

You won’t find a cutting mark on my skin nor have I ever beat someone up or mistreated an animal…

I wake up everyday, sit on the floor of my apartment and try to make something out of my circumstances because when I woke up to my higher self while I was dating my toxic ex, something huge happened to me. Enlightenment. I started feeling this infinite inner resource of love, peace and wisdom, I never knew existed. I never thought nor believed I was allowed to be happy and to be my own individual because of the many social rejections I have faced.


I never believed in myself because I didn’t even see myself. But, when I started living for myself, I felt a sense of urgency. I often feel like i’m running out ofΒ  time, that it’s a race against time…

I would have never felt this way, if I would have lived for myself long before I touched ground and did not let people hurt me to the point of uncertainty.

This is where the importance of living for yourself, loving yourself, accepting who you are take place. I commend you to love yourself as you read this line. It is life and death.


You may be a soul shattered in pieces like me. Because you’re naturally kind, pure and a lil bit naive about the world. Therefore you kinda wear your heart on your sleeves. You have the desire to help. You have tremendous love to give. And what makes you, you, is also what can destroy you in a way…

Learning how to balance is key. Learning how to say no is another key. Learning to respect yourself, your intuition, is yet the third key. Learning to live forΒ  yourself and not apologize for it , is the main key hole. It is the secret to an healthy, wealthy and prosperous mind…

Learn how to accept your flaws. Your colors… Because nobody ever really care. They forget and live their lives while you live poorly… while you are dying.

Accepting yourself today, living for yourself today, may save your life.

You may close and try to protect your heart from external harm. But what happens when you are stuck with your pain inside of your heart? What you built-up to protect yourself from others is also protecting you from yourself. The most important being you will ever get to meet, love and cherish is You.

It is not about being selfish. It is about loving yourself the way you deserve. It is about giving yourself the attention and the affection you deserve so that you can become a greater version of yourself and enjoy life to the fullest. By loving yourself, you will love others. By opening yourself to yourself, you will open yourself to others in a more meaningful way.

I cannot stress enough the importance, the benefits of living for yourself.

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11 thoughts on “The Importance Of Living For Yourself

  1. Sorry to hear of your present status, but personally I think you are absolutely inspired. So glad you found me on the blogosphere. You’ve become a favourite.

    We do have to love and cherish ourselves to see our worth and use it. This is the only place from which we can love another.

    So many of us have come from abuse backgrounds and have had to get used to loving ourselves. It takes a bit, but it grows and is awesome when comprehended. It is the launchpad from which the rest of our life endeavours will flow.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your time ART. Aren’t we all inspired in here WordPress? πŸ˜‰

      I couldn’t agree more with you.

      Tho, this post is one of the “rawest” article I made available. It was not so much to complain but to make a statement in the purest form possible…

      Hopefully, it has helped many people understand by looking at my life; without self-love there is no existence… Hence the very importance of self-appreciation and living for yourself in the now…

      It’s tough. But once we understand how the Universe works… Through the means of pain and struggle, we can start understanding why tragedies happen. They are meant to uplift the minds.

      After every great chaos, comes unity. That is where the world is heading right now… But, it’s going to get worst, before it gets better…

      That is the only way, we, human beings, truly learn and change. For those who wants the lessons for sure. Change also creates resistance.

      Infinite peace and wisdom!

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      1. To truly love self and others is the infinite starting place. The universe operates on peaces and love. We are a little different here on this planet and have apparently not gotten the memo.
        You’re right though, we either learn through tragedy or we become one by not learning through tragedy. That is the immediate lesson at hand and way too many hearts are set up to not learn. The Earth is about to go through a cleansing and the bulk of souls are not only unaware, but fully intend to make the wrong choices according to their programming of me, me, me.
        The present is a time to learn and live, or cling to selfishness and expire. What a strange pass. It challenges every lie we’ve ever believed. I suppose it is about time.
        Light and peace!

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  2. This is such an honest, vulnerable and inspiring post – I truly admire you! You are learning lessons now which will strengthen you for the rest of your life and it is true that when we are at our ‘low’ points, there is only one way to go and that’s up! With the insight you have into the importance of loving yourself, you have something of far more value than your old school friends on Facebook who may never learn this lesson. You are learning the true richness of life and although it seems such a struggle, you will reap the rewards and look back in time at how far you have travelled in this journey on Earth! Take care of yourself and continue to inspire and love yourself. xxx


  3. I am kind of where you are or were, I don’t know if you’ve found a job yet, or whatever else life pulled up. It’s hard loving yourself sometimes but in the end it’s always worth because then you can find the people who love, value and support you in whatever you do or who you are. I love post like this that are real and raw. I will be back.

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    1. Thank you for your time and this beautiful message, Tamara. I have no filter in here… Reason why I named the blog Alternate Dimension… It’s a shift from the secret life we are being conditioned to live. We are being told to follow rules, shut up and brush it off. Not here. It’s an opened space!

      I did not find a job yet… But slowly making progress in the funnel of marketing… It is a pain… But πŸ˜‰

      Hopefully you are doing great despite your situation. I agree. It is a journey worth taking and struggling for πŸ˜‰

      I visited your blog. I like the scenery a lot! Keep posting!

      Infinite peace and wisdom!


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