9 thoughts on “Question of the day

  1. Yep – I think I could be classed as a rare breed – sometimes too honest for my own good as you can probably tell from my blog – I wear my heart on my sleeve and can be a bit of an ‘imp’… x

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    1. Thank you for your time Wendy.

      Haha you do appear to be a very kind person! There’s nothing wrong with being honest. It may not make you a lot of friends, but it will make you the good ones!

      Btw, careful with wearing your heart on your sleeves… There are wolves out there 😉

      Infinite peace and wisdom!


      1. Oh what a lovely thing to say – thanks so much!! You’re right – a small number of really good friends is best.. I think I’ve learned the hard way from the ‘wolves’ on occasion… but I learned an awful lot from those occasions so can honestly say they taught me an awful lot about myself! I don’t mind the wolves when they come out in the open – it’s the wolf in sheeps clothing that’s the most difficult!
        Sending you much peace..

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      2. You sound like a very strong woman which is something I truly admire!

        I couldn’t agree more. People in disguise are confusing for many reasons.. We never truly know their true motive…

        But I’ve came to realize there are several kinds of “wolf in sheep”

        “Evil” Voluntary – They wear disguise to deceive.

        “Innocent” Voluntary – They wear disguise because they are ashamed of their true nature… You can compare this to a closeted “gay”…

        Involuntary – They don’t even know they wear disguise because they have no clue who they are…

        But, that’s only my take! At the end, your mental, emotional and physical safety should be your main priority!

        Take care of your self. xxx

        Infinite peace and wisdom!

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      3. Oooo I like those 3 descriptions – Evil, Innocent & Involuntary. I think that is a very accurate reflection the ‘wolf in sheeps clothing’ that I have met along my journey through life.
        ‘Strong Woman’ – what a lovely thought – I’d like to say it’s true and gain your admiration.. sometimes it is and sometimes I get pushed over by the wolf.. The only thing is that over the years I’ve learned to pick myself back up again much more quickly..
        Or – take time away from the wolf – as is the case for me currently! .. Thanks again for your lovely comments and support! x

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      4. Yes, sometimes people hurt on a voluntary basis. It’s safe to say they have chosen the “dark side.” This wolf wears a sheep disguise to eat sheep.

        Other times, they hurt others to hide from themselves… For example, a closeted gay guy that bullies the flamboyant gay. This one is a wolf in sheep and a sheep in wolf both at the same time.

        At last, sometimes they hurt people without knowing they do because they are struggling with their identity… Are they truly sheep or truly wolf?

        It’s safe to say I’ve been all three at some point…

        We go through phases..

        However, it is important to keep yourself sane and running away from the wolf is smart…

        I realize, many people have ran away from me when I was at either one of the stages stated above.

        They did so for their own mental and emotional safety…

        Letting people deal with themselves often times help them more than putting your own life at risk.. It’s a great opportunity to rediscover oneself as well!

        Infinite peace and wisdom!

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      5. I don’t think any one of us could say that we hadn’t turned ‘wolf’ at some point in our lives – I told you I was honest and clearly you are too… I admire your honesty. The important thing is to recognise how we can develop ourselves and being honest about who we are to ourselves can sometimes be the hardest thing to do – it’s much easier to bury our heads in the sand or pretend to be someone we aren’t. Once we recognise who we really are in the mirror, we can work on improving and growing ourselves.. It’s clear to me that you’ve looked at yourself in that mirror and now your working on changing the reflection back to who you want to be in the future. The past is gone and it’s how you live now that’s key.
        I sincerely wish you happiness and joy in your life moving forward and thanks for your honest and brave reply… I am honoured that you have taken the time to reveal part of who you are.. xxx

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