Are You Lying To Yourself?


Let me tell you a story and then I’ve got a question to ask you….

Last week, my 2 granddaughters (age 4 & 6) and my niece ‘L’ (age 6) were playing in my garden after school and I got the skipping rope out. My older granddaughter had learned to skip quite a while ago and I’d taught the younger one to skip a couple of weeks ago.

My niece hung back “I’ll just stay on the swing – I can’t skip” she said… with a sad little expression on her face…

Well there it was My Challenge…. To help L change what she believed was impossible to do – to learn how to skip

“Hey L” I said “Didn’t you know that inside your head you really do know how to skip and you’ve just got to learn how to let it come out of your head  and into your feet…? It’s all…

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