Who Is The Very Shy Physical Person Behind Alternate Dimension? :)



I’m a very shy person for several reasons…

I never thought this blog would become such an opened and loving place. With over 325 followers and an average 10 likes per post, I’m not what you would call a popular WordPress blogger like many of you are and whom I truly admire.

But I come back here everyday several times a day, just to feed off the positive vibes emanating from this dimension and that, even when I’m not inspired to post articles. I cherish every single like, comment and visit like my life depends on it. I’m your number one fan!

Lately I’ve realized how much I enjoy sharing here. The love and support goes beyond what I ever imagined possible. However, due to recent life events and dealing with start-up challenges, it has become very hard for me to maintain and deliver articles everyday like I said I would.  Lack of funding is also the reason why many of you did not receive your free book copy as promised. So to try to counteract the obstacles that we are facing and provide you with more quality content and more of “behind the scenes”, you can support me on Patreon.

I have several projects in mind I want to manifest. I would like to meet and greet with as many of you!

Please visit my Patreon for more rewards. Donations start as low as one dollar.

Infinite peace and wisdom!



10 thoughts on “Who Is The Very Shy Physical Person Behind Alternate Dimension? :)

    1. Thank you for your time and encouraging words! The insulin and I are slowly becoming one! Thank you for asking! I need to remind myself to list your other blog on Alternate Blogs page… If I haven’t already? What is your motivational blog link? Is it listed? And you should def join Patreon as a creator 😉

      Infinite peace wisdom!

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      1. It’s good to hear that your medication process is going well. As long as it helps in the long run, then it’s all good I suppose :).

        You have already listed it under the “Mental Health & Wellness” section of the “Alternate Blogs” page. Thanks again for doing that.

        On the whole Patreon thing, I have considered it, but I think growing an audience size first is important in order for that to be effective. I don’t have as big of an audience as some of the other content creators on that platform. In my belief its always important to grow an audience first through trust and high quality content before asking for money from anyone.

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      2. Well, It’s more asking for support than money… Because you don’t need to donate to be a follower on Patreon… So you can create a page and follow me and anyone you find inspiring 🙂

        And eventually people will see you.

        Your app is great and I think you truly have more than one trick under your sleeves. You can get on Patreon and follow people who might follow you back and then you never know what can happen. If you have ideas you can merely do anything you want.

        Imagination is the roots of everything… And everything is a mindset in life.

        The more exposure you get the greater good… If you hide and wait, chances are you are missing opportunities to be seen!

        We all need to start somewhere. The guy who wins is not necessarily who we often think he is…

        The way I see it, the more requests we send to the Universe the more we can manifest in our lives.

        Talent should always be expressed 😉

        Infinite peace and wisdom!

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      3. Interesting perspective.

        I will have to look into Patreon then. I had heard of it all this time (thanks to the influx of YouTubers on there requesting donations) but never got on myself.

        I will have to check it out in the coming few days :). Thanks for the information.

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