7 thoughts on “Understanding The Concept Of Alternate Realities (Some Really Deep Stuff)

    1. Thank you for your time. We often see others as being different from us because of physical (skin color, nationality) and regional differences. But we are all part of the same world sharing the same human experience.

      You might see your neighbor as separate from you because he lives a different lifestyle than you. But in reality your neighbor is just a different version of yourself who made different decisions in space and time.

      Infinite peace and wisdom!

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  1. Very deep, yes indeed, aura, we all have one and the Force flows around and through us, yes. It is everywhere linking everything and everybody. Feel the Force, learn its ways and use it for good. There is a dark side to everything but don’t go there, it destroys. The Sith aren’t good, they rot and corrupt everything they touch. Don’t follow that path, Luke, your father did and look at what he’s become…

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