Mind Over Frameworks

In order to be able to reach our full potential, we must break free from social and mental frameworks. It is scary, but yet necessary. It is an important principle of alchemy.

I wish health, lots of healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, wisdom and love upon your soul.

Infinite peace and wisdom!

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27 thoughts on “Mind Over Frameworks

      1. I wouldn’t see myself as an adviser. I’m just a soul sharing her human experience because I used to sleepwalk through my life, not knowing what I was here for. I didn’t listen to the signs. It’s an ongoing process to learn how to sync in with the Universe. Now i’m profoundly in love with life, even tho my life is somehow not easy. I believe greatness lies in all of us.

        I appreciate you. Please take good care of yourself and stay creative.

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      2. Yes advice was not the right expression, I would rather call them ‘wisdoms’…Thank you for your honesty, I am in this process as well and there is so much to discover and I like if something makes me think and discover new things. And because everybody should discover his own greatness, I am happy about your postings as I believe they may make people deal with their own truth and know more about themselves and stay in contact with heart and soul. You share thoughts and I appreciate your action of sharing!

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      1. actually I only mistyped it the first time accidentally haha I am a bit of a mess sometimes…yes it is hard to put a tag and I don’t like putting tags actually I always wish to give everything for free but then there is rent to pay and fees to pay and stuff like this which makes that hard…

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      2. Lol. Stop being so hard on yourself. And never settle for less… Your art is your passion your ultimate love.But, I know what you mean by finding it hard to put a tag on your art because it is really closed to you. It is sentimental more than it is financial.

        As a web designer/programmer I used to underestimate my own value. That is why artists are often “starving” because we don’t know how to sell ourselves…

        A great way to put a price tag on your creations is to look for successful artists that create same kind of art and have a look at their tags. It can be really helpful and it will give you an idea. Because like you said, we all got to survive.

        Have you ever displayed your work in a gallery?

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  1. Thank you so much for your comment, it feels supporting! You seem to know the problem..the thing is I dont really want to ‘sell myself’, I would just like to share my art…the best for me if I would let the people who are interested in my find the price they would like to give or something else in exchange for it
    no I never displayed my work in a gallery…

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    1. Thank you for your time. Yes I used to be on the same boat as you are. I didn’t want to sell myself… Selling ourselves feels unnatural to us as it is not the basis of why we create. We design/engineer as a mean of releasing/expressing ourselves. And most of the time the process of creation is purely inspirational/emotional.

      Therefore everything we design somehow becomes an extension of who we are. Reason why we do not feel like putting a tag on it… It’s like asking a mother how much she would sell her baby… No -good- mother would ever sell their baby in the first place so it’s not something they are thinking of.

      Your paintings are like your babies, an extension of you. I understand what you mean when you say “I just want to create, share my art and let the people decide on the tag.” However, reality is, in the world we live in, money is a necessity. And by letting people put their tag on your work, you might feel they undervalue your time and your creativity leaving you feeling unworthy… It is not because they undervalue your art but because they were not part of the creative process. People only get to see the end results. Nobody really sees the amount of energy put into it. Only the designer/engineer/artist behind the creation knows. Reason why it safer for you to set your tag based off what you think it is worth.

      By doing so, you establish the worth of your creation. For example, the fact that a Mercedez costs more than a Volkswagen people assume Mercedez are better cars, when it’s not necessarily true. To give you another example, we assume that “forks” we buy at the dollar store are cheap “forks”and “forks” we buy at a fancy store are better when in fact it is the same fork, only the price tag is different. Do you know what I mean?

      Do you even feel like your work is worth something or worth being exposed in a gallery? 😛

      I suggest reading my latest post Are You Aware Of Your Energy Blocks?


      1. Yes exactly, it is like an extension. Because by doing something you love you are being a 100% you so the product of this process is a 100% you and in this way it would be your contribution to this world and your representation. I always thought that probably it would be balanced to do it like this, sometimes maybe you receive less than you invested in time or energy but therefore sometimes you will get more at another time. Sometimes people expect directly the same amount back that they invested but they dont notice that sometimes they get it back later and for something totally different or unexpected.
        I understand what you mean with your examples. But I mean this is it exactly..maybe there are similar paintings/painters who have works worth a few thousand euro because they are well integrated in society and others with maybe even better works stay unknown, this is the bad thing of the constitution of art and museums in general I think.
        Sometimes I don’t feel my work is worth being exposed but other times when I visit exhibitions I think I could do something like this as well, the difficulty for being exposed somewhere is most of the times money (as well haha, too bad..) or good connections

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      2. Yes I couldn’t agree more with everything that you’ve said as I understand how you feel. But always remember that life is just a state of mind 😉

        Some people remain unknown because they either wish to remain so or they lack confidence.

        Some people have great connections but they never really value their luck.

        Some people wish they had connections but they have to build everything from the ground up… To my opinion, the latest people are the one who succeed the most as they learn to brand, network, love themselves, overcome their fears… etc. I think there’s nothing like the process of success to really make someone truly grateful for their accomplishments 😉

        Many successful people started from the bottom and built a dream life… But they never gave up and they learned to believe in themselves 😉

        Success is not about the number of connections we have or how great our work truly is, success is what you make it to be. Like you said, some people out there exhibit their work but their art is not so great… So I believe, it’s all really just a mind game 😉

        You decide… 😛

        Infinite peace and wisdom!

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  2. Yes I consider this as true! Nothing is impossible, everything depends on the endurance and patience and work you put, I didn’t mean to complain about not having enough connections, I just meant that I don’t really support these kind of institutions… but the success doesn’t depend on them 🙂
    and I think I will reach who I have to reach with my art in the end. Anyway I do not only work as a free artist, I also work a lot with different kind of people and use art as a medium of supporting social transformation, but I still like painting for myself as well and even better if it moves others as well 🙂
    I really appreciate your comments and care as they make me think and reflect myself, I thank you for the exchange of words, it is interesting! I wish you all the good, in unit with the universe!

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    1. Lol I like your enthusiasm. And I did not see what you’ve said as complaints but as expressions of your being. This dimension (blog) is opened to all for them to see but also to share in abundance. Not a soul will ever feel judged here. It’s all love as I know and have experienced how life feels like without it 😉

      What is it that you do? Are you an art therapist?

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  3. I know 😉 I just didn’t want to sound like I wallow in self-pity hahah that was not my intention!
    Yes that’s why I like this blog! It supports all the positiveness and good thoughts!
    so nice…
    Well not exactly an art therapist, I am still studying in something which is called expressive arts in social transformation, there is not a specific word for what we do as it includes a lot of different things. Basically we work with specific groups of people like for example refugees, demented people, people with handicaps, prisoners or anybody who likes to work with us and our projects which all include art in form of painting, music, dance, writing etc. …always in an attempt to support communication/exchange, get new perspectives, discover your own resources and how to use them and just try out yourself in new ways you maybe didn’t try or know yet, also to increase your own creativity and maybe cross boundaries you put to yourself
    it is quite complex 🙂

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