Empower Yourself With Self-Love

True empowerment is obtained through self-love and self-worth. Loving and valuing yourself is key to finding inner peace. When we reach inner peace, we can then forgive, accept and love others for who they are.

I wish health, lots of healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, wisdom and love upon your soul.

Infinite peace and wisdom!

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12 thoughts on “Empower Yourself With Self-Love

  1. I’ve spent all year working on myself…meditating, writing, nurturing myself. The end result is that I have just now learned to love myself, and realized I am finally capable of feeling the love of others. It’s beautiful:)

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    1. Thank you for your time Jamivee. I’m glad to hear you have now entered the realm of infinite love. It’s a process that takes time since we are conditioned to hate ourselves. I know how it feels. I hated myself for a long long time. Actually, I had no sense of self. I didn’t understand how to live in this physical body. I was there but it was the machine version of me. I can now stand here and tell you that all the work you’ve done on yourself will pay off if it’s not already paying you off. People who learn to love themselves live happier lives. 😉

      Keep up and stay creative. Much success with all of your projects.

      Infinite LOVE peace and wisdom!


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