How To Raise Your Vibrations With The Abraham-Hicks Emotional Scale

This post was inspired by a very enlightening conversation I had with blogger and activist zoeyweaver. She’s working on an online course to help women design a life they love though habit change, manifesting, and positive living. I suggest checking her out. She delivers very interesting content!

I wish health, lots of healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, wisdom and love upon your soul.

Infinite peace and wisdom!

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The emotional guidance scale is a scale of our feelings and emotions, in sequence from our highest vibrational feelings to our lowest.

As Abraham explains, to “raise your vibration” it is easiest to travel through the emotions from one to the next, rather than try to leap all the way to the top. For example, if you were to be feeling pessimistic, it would be easier to achieve a vibration that resonated at boredom than it would to shoot all the way to feeling joyful and empowered.  From boredom you could then reach for contentment, then hopefulness, and then continue all the way up one step at a time.

Below is the Abraham-Hicks emotional guidance scale.  Use is to identify where you are emotionally at the moment.  Are you resonating at a high vibration and therefore feeling joy and empowerment, or are you a little lower down on the list? Your emotions always provide you with clues to let you know what kind of energy you are projecting.








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