Don’t Ever Give Away Your Inner Power

So this is my response to the aftermath of yesterday. I stand in full heart and soul knowing that everything happens for a reason. Believe or not, we are in Great Enlightenment Age. Some people must go through the same rude awakening we , conscious souls, already went through. That is all I’m going to say and that is all the energy I’m going to spend on this topic as I do not believe in politics. It is such a pity that a lot of people are so deep asleep they believe we need leaders and keep falling for the word “elections” and “democracy.” If you are an highly awakened soul, you do not fear the future because you do not feed off the mascaraed. You know it’s all a show. So today, alternate dimension-er, let’s stand in knowledge, wisdom and awareness while others knee before their own ignorance. Nothing has really changed for us. But now we get to sit back, relax and watch with a smile awakened eye. Remember this: the Present exists because the Future has already happened.

Infinite peace and wisdom!






4 thoughts on “Don’t Ever Give Away Your Inner Power

    1. Thank you for your time. I made my way to your fabulous blog. Love it! Such beautiful travel expeditions. I as well want to start traveling and get out there more. It’s on my bucket list lol.

      Hope all is well with you and Todd on your 57th adventure lol.

      Infinite peace and wisdom!

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