Wisdom Exchange : What Is True Love To You?

So I thought I would start a new segment called Wisdom Exchange where we share our views on a topic. Every Monday I will post a question I have in order to collect wisdom from you… This segment is to help get a different perspective on life and on important topics. The rest of the week I will post regular AD articles. Feel free to leave your wisdom mark in the comment section πŸ˜‰

I wish health, lots of healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, wisdom and love upon your soul.

Infinite peace and wisdom!


22 thoughts on “Wisdom Exchange : What Is True Love To You?

      1. It’s been a while since I’ve had it so finding it makes me actually strive for more and there have been certain people who have also been a part of that drive so I am coming back to life and climbing up Up UP!

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      2. That’s right! Keep climbing even when the rocks start tumbling. Having support feels great. But always remember to look within when it seems there is no external support to help you keep that drive… The power you seek is within. Especially as the lead musician… You have to be the strongest rock… By the way, have you thought about adding more members to OddsFiche?

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      3. You are Truly Inspiring to me!
        I’ve been trying to add more members to OddsFiche now for about two months! Nobody over here seems to be interested in what I do, it’s too outside the sandbox and not radio friendly enough for them I guess. It’s about fame and fortune to a lot of people and not the music. I’d love LOVE to have bass, keys and drums added to the band for sure!!!!!!

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      4. Have you tried old fashion Craiglist? Pass as many auditions you need… And be sure to always keep your mind opened about any suggestion anyone could have because anyone could add a personal touch to your musical genre making it something truly special… You know what I mean? Music is about the sum of the parts. I don’t know how you choose your members, but you might want to let people show you what they can do first.. like letting them show you what’s their interpretation of your musical genre and just pick the people with the most interesting interpretation! I don’t know lol. Just a suggestion. Just keep up the race πŸ˜‰

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      5. I( have an ad up o Kijiji I have been renewing now for over a month. I’m always open to suggestions and ideas about the music. I have told people that songs can be reformatted and reworked and if it works out better than all the better for the band but I think it’s the fact that what i do is so very left field for people they are afraid of it lol. Just keep pluggin’ away eh? Much appreciate the ideas though!

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    1. Thank you for your time again thinknact. Love without conditions seems to be the way to go, indeed. But, with experience I realize we all seem to have conditions… “I love you if…”

      Now back at the time I wrote this article I was in a different state of mind… Today I think it’s okay to have healthy boundaries when we don’t feel good… I wonder if healthy boundaries are still considered conditions?

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      1. In case of true love it would be other way round, ” you love someone that’s why… “. If you truly love someone
        u don’t see healthy boundaries as conditions, that comes automatically to you without effort, better known as “respect” 😊

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