Podcast Tuesdays -How To Transcend Karma And Get Unstuck

After a long thought process, today I’m taking the decision to start a new segment called Laws Of The Unseen where I, although, very shy, speak on ways we can transcend the laws that are invisible to the naked eye for better and higher living. I will post a new podcast/video every Tuesday. I thought it would be a great way to  tighten our bound if you get to hear my voice haha. However, before you listen to the podcast and watch the video, keep in mind I do not own a studio microphone. I recorded the vocals with my smartphone then edited the audio and video with my computer. I’m looking forward to get better audio quality as the episodes progress. I may have mispronounced few words. Please bare with me, I will get better. Hopefully I still sound pleasant to you. With that being said, in today’s first podcast we explore ways we can break out of karma and get unstuck in life.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul.



Summary: Throughout the video I talk about conditioning ourselves to be the cause and not the effect. To illustrate my point, I use a duck as a metaphor. The duck in the video is innocently doing duck business, however, he is causing ripples on the water that may turn into bigger waves and cause a boat to sink miles away. While we would never suspect and see the duck as being evil, we view a sinking boat as an evil tragedy. In order to transcend karma, we need to understand there is no good or bad, only cause and effect.

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