Podcast Tuesday- How To Transcend The Body And Feel Great

I still do not own a studio microphone guys. But I believe the audio got better in this one, I felt a bit more confident when recording lol. With that being said, in this second episode of Laws Of The Unseen, we explore ways we can go beyond the physical laws of reality and feel great about ourselves.

Hopefully I sound pleasant to you.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul.



4 thoughts on “Podcast Tuesday- How To Transcend The Body And Feel Great

  1. Great video and I ‘understand’ what you’re saying. I watched a David Eagleman, neuroscientist, talk and he tells how bats can sense by using sound, snakes sense with using infrared etc. Humans only have 5 senses to experience this world. He states that what we experience with our 5 senses is only 10 trillionth of the complete spectrum that’s all around us. So, as much as I’d love to experience more I am limited by my biology. I’ve sat Zen for 12 years of countless hours looking inward and have found nothing more than the back of my eyelids and maybe some neat colorful brainwave patterns flashing. So, I’d love to transcend the body, but I don’t think I have the necessary equipment.

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    1. Thank you for your time again ericstrong51. Feels good to see you here. David Eagleman is a great scientist. I absolutely love his work. 12 years of looking inward that’s quite an accomplishment. Some people can’t even do it for 30 secs.

      Ask yourself why did I spend 12 years looking inward? It is the “why” that actually shapes whether we find zenitude or not.

      Our physical reality is hard to transcend because we are attached to it and that is all we know. However, just like you said, if we solely rely on our human senses, that’s when we feel limited. The video can mean different things for different people. We all interpret the same concepts differently. It means what you want it to mean from your conscious perspective. And that is perfect.

      From my conscious perspective, the idea is to highlight how we can unlock other senses by relying solely on the soul as base operator. When I speak of other senses; I mainly speak of intuition and the omnipresent feeling that everything is following its course the way it should. When we put the soul first, it acts a bit as the sonar radar bats have. I think human have more senses than any other animals. However, unlike bats for example, we do not trust our internal senses. I believe bats do not question their sonar to guide their body. Even if humans could sense by using sound, I believe we would still find ways to mess with it. I strongly believe sonar is to bats as soul is to humans.

      The process starts to take place when we indulge ourselves in self-love. It is not so much about where or how we do it, but more about opening our own heart to ourselves. Often time, we have no idea we are blocking our own peace by subconsciously refusing to love, forgive and truly accept/trust who we are.

      Please keep in mind I do not pretend to know all the answers. However, I do feel a great sense of transcendence when I choose to let go and trust my “sonar” more.


      1. Cool. Zen is really about believing in yourself 100% (self love), trusting your gut intuition and not letting your monkey mind lead you on a wild goose chase of doubt and fear. Ok, I think I got it. I need to practice honing and trusting intuition, letting go. Thanks for explaining. Makes perfect sense.

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