Embrace Your Weirdness And Live Proudly

Happy Monday everybody. Hope you had an enlightening weekend. So yesterday I had a great conversation with a friend and she reminded me how important it is to embrace our weirdness. It also reminded me how everybody is a little weird in their own way. But the truth is, we live in societies that condemn individualism and encourage conformism so that the machine is fed… I have been wondering for years where do we draw the line of normality? Who decides what is normal from what is not? What is normal really? From my perspective, not murdering and not harming other living beings should be the only standard. Imagine living in a world where weird is the new normal and where the word normal is completely banned from our vocabulary. Because truly, “common” should not mean “normal”… I think that would be pretty closed to living in an utopian world, because if people feel free to be who they really wish to be, I believe that would cause crime rate to lower significantly and many mental illnesses to slowly disappear. By allowing all people to express themselves in their pure form, we would significantly increase overall wellness and peace in most people. Imagine living in a world where being yourself is the new normal. On that note, I want to thank all the people out there who are shamelessly being who they want to be and who fight for a cause; you awake the world to a brand new light and help us all progress. Cheers to you.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul.















4 thoughts on “Embrace Your Weirdness And Live Proudly

  1. I am reminded of a scene way back in the movie robin hood:prince of thieves with Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman. from Freeman to Costner “God loves variety.” Means one thing for me, whoever and whatever a person can be, we are always loved and no matter how odd or popular a person is, He will always love us no matter what we become .

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