Podcast Tuesday- How To Transcend Emotions And Embrace Feeling Vulnerable

I’m back with a new episode of Laws Of The Unseen where we explore ways to transcend the laws that are invisible to the naked eye. Euhm… concerning the audio? Well guys, I mean, all this content is produced for free so you’re going to have to deal with mediocre audio for a while lol. Stills, I think I sound somehow pleasant… My ex used to say I had a sexy voice lol. However… I do sound a lot different in person… On that note… In this third episode, we explore ways we can free ourselves from our own emotional prison and also from the emotional prison of others.

Oh and I almost forgot to tell you… If you enjoy the type of psychedelic/hypnotic videos that I make, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel because I will be releasing more of this kind in a new series called Ascending In Self-Hypnosis. Unlike Laws Of The Unseen which is featured every Tuesday, I will upload a new video everyday for this new series. So if you enjoy hypnotizing yourself by looking at psychedelic stuff, you know what to do.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul.

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