Why Attitude Is Everything

My major family Christmas reunions are over. And boy am I happy that they are? There’s something about passive aggressive situations that just eat a soul. The worst part of those situations are passive aggressive jokes that everyone expect you to laugh when they are really just insults in disguise. That’s when I realized how attitude truly is everything. I miss that one out today after being ridiculed twice by a family member. The first time I laughed like everyone else, however the second time I just couldn’t hold it in. I texted one of my friends and she told me how she would have lost it ten times fold. She thought I was being patient and very resilient while the people on the other side thought I was being crazy. Funny how perception and attitude are everything. This a great lesson for me today. Yes what was said about me was mean, but then everyone has a very different level of consciousness. And people with very low awareness levels often totally dismiss the cause; they just see the effects. They don’t understand what they said was downgrading therefore they don’t understand the reaction. Now would have I done this differently? Probably. I realize since I was the one with the higher consciousness level, I should have reacted in a way that would have been understandable for their awareness state. This got me thinking about how attitude can really save the day; let a alone save your life.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul.






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