It Is Okay To Want More Out Of Life

Despite what a lot of people would want us to believe, it is totally okay to want more out of life. It is okay to be unsatisfied with our given circumstances and relationships. It is okay to want to thrive for more. The world does not progress with settlers usually because settlers always settle for less; the world progresses with unsatisfied people. It is because of people like Martin Luther King Jr, Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Gay Activists, Feminist Activists and so, that we live in a better world. If all those people would have been satisfied with the state of their circumstances, I couldn’t imagine how society would be today. You may not be Martin King or a social activist, but you don’t have to settle when you want more and you don’t have to feel bad about it. The middle man will try to make you feel guilty about your desires of thriving because it reflects on to his own self-limiting beliefs and inability to break out of them. The middle man never really goes anywhere for he is very scared of leaving the box. Anyone’s scared of going outside the box will do anything to keep you in with them. Unfortunately, they could be your own friends and family. It is our perception of what wanting more implies that keeps some us from getting and doing more. Most people associate wanting more with greed and selfishness. And that is why they’re not getting more. It only becomes greedy or selfish if your success changes you in a greedy or selfish way. Being grateful to be able to get more is a must. Never forget the people who help you getting more even if your relationship with those people have degraded along the process; give thanks. The bottom line is this: it is okay to want more out of life but if you want to live in infinite abundance, never forget and always give back. Remember: nobody forces you to settle and live a life that is not allowing you to develop to your full potential. If you happen to be surrounded by people like that; well, they all need to go. You can love and appreciate them at a distance.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul.





















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