About Signs Of Manifestations

Are you looking for signs that you’re on the right path(career, relationships, business, etc.)? The Universe has ways to let us know we are doing just fine… But sometimes the clues they leave are hard to understand because they do not necessarily come in the form of what we wish to see. According to Abram Hicks, if we were more opened to receive things we ask for in any shape and form, we would feel less discouraged. For instance, wishing for money may come in the form of a billion dollar idea instead of a fat check. That’s what we need to understand about signs of manifestations, they can be anything. Three things to look for very carefully: 1) If the path was not calling you, you wouldn’t feel resistance
2) if you wouldn’t have asked for stuff the path wouldn’t be calling you
3) if you wouldn’t be expanding and moving forward, there wouldn’t be an improved/higher version of you calling you forward. We don’t only get to manifest and rendezvous with the end goal, we get to rendezvous with the things along the path (new ideas, new opportunities, new improved version of  you, others that are willing to help you out, etc.). Those are all great signs you must be attentive to if you wish to know you’re doing okay.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul.









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