Extending Your Comfort Zone

Hello guys, hope you had an amazing time celebrating New Years Eve whether you decided to stay quiet or celebrate big. Although I didn’t do much, I was blessed with a spectacular firework show from my neighbor. And this morning, I’m starting the year with a visit from Mother Nature. How great! Anyhow… before talking about what I want to talk about, have you guys noticed I added a section called Ask AD?untitled

Well that section is dedicated for people with questions about anything and everything really. You can ask anonymously. With a multidisciplinary bachelor degree in research, psychology and communications, I am quite opened to try and answer anything you may have on your mind. I will dedicate time on every question I receive and turn it into either a post or a podcast. This goes well hand in hand with the purpose of today’s article. Life is not so much about leaving all behind to get out of your comfort zone. It’s more about extending your comfort zone by widening your horizons and trying new things. We can keep some stuff if it is relevant to our journey. We only have to let go of what does not serve our growth. While for some people their way of extending mean building new rooms in their old house, for some others it means putting the entire house down and build an entirely new one on a fresh base.  It all depends on how your old house is serving your growth. While adding few new rooms may be enough for you, others may need and prefer to completely start from scratch. Whether it is the case or not, the important thing here is to at least try something new. The purpose of life is extension. There is so much more to learn about ourselves. It never ends.


I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul.














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