How To Release Resistance

The law of attraction is real and it is not a New Age cool thing to do or try. It is ever present whether you choose to believe in it or not. It governs our reality or at least what is left of it. Sciences like quantum physics(study of the particles) and neurosciences(study of the brain) are showing that we are all indeed vibrationnal creatures influenced by not only the magnetic field of the Earth but also influenced by our own thoughts. The genius of Nicola Tesla teaches us about vibrations and frequencies. Everything vibrates at a given frequency and it is possible to influence that frequency with the mastermind. It goes like this: By believing more, we vibrate more. By vibrating more, we become more. And by becoming more, we attract more. By attracting more, we manifest more.  The problem is we have a hard time believing in what our eyes cannot see. We often don’t believe in the invisible. It’s quite ironic because there are billions of tiny particles and bacteria living all among us and they can only be perceived at the microscopic level. Still we can’t see them with our bare eyes but they exist. Our human senses play tricks on us. They tend to tell us that if we can’t see it, it is not real. Because of that, we are in constant battle with our beliefs and Faith.  Our thinking patterns are the cause of non-manifestations. We are often in constant resistance. So how do we release resistance for better living? There is only one way: we have to create new “TRUTHS” in every area of our life – and change our powerful perceptions as a result. Develop easy, relaxed focus on our desired outcome(s) – any time, any place! Feel better about situations that previously used to upset us, annoy us or depress us. Everything is in our perception of reality. We create our frequency.

Stay tune for that. I will be making a full podcast about energy field on Tuesday.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul.











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