What We Resist Persist But What Does It Really Mean?

Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung is known for stating : “what we resist, persists.” He is also known for the collective consciousness theory, but we will get to that a bit later. So what does he mean when he talks of the cycle of resistance – problem – more resistance – more problem? I used to not fully understand it… I thought it was a very contradicting theory for a really long time. If you’re like me, maybe you wish to get more light shed on the subject. By definition resistance is the refusal to accept or comply with something; the attempt to prevent something by action or argument. Putting into different terms, resistance is any behavior preventing you from developing your full potential. Resisting means hiding, denying, shaming, or covering up.

For example, a child gets called “dumb”, feeling lots of shame. As an adult he then resists “dumb”, striving to be smart, perfect. It becomes exhausting to run from any chance of being dumb. For example, maybe he’s always wanted to write a book, but so afraid he could say something anyone would think is “dumb”, so he never writes, ever. The more he resists, the more the pain persists. Oddly, he’ll be plagued by random occasions of really “dumb” things, leading him to feel more shames. His fear of feeling/looking dumb prevents him from becoming who he truly wants to become; a writer. By letting go of that fear, by releasing resistance, he would step into his truth.

That example is such a good example that can be applied to most of us. We often block our own blessings by allowing resistance to take over our decisions. That was me in my early journey.

I used to resist everything. Growing up in a family that did not look like me and having to live in a society that used to make me feel less of a human being, I used to be ashamed of my looks. I used to hate coming home and not see a familiar face. I spent many years of my life literally hiding from society. I used to avoid social interactions as much as I could. I used to hate having to go in interviews because my family name did not match my face… I used to be ashamed of my name, my parents, my history… I used to hate being me for so many reasons that my own immune system turned against me… But that’s a different story. All that shame only led me into feeling more ashamed. I was crippled by shame in many other areas of my life that also only created more of the same shame… I was stuck in resistance creating more resistance. When I started to accept the situations I could not change, resistance went away and I started changing my vibrationnal frequency. I broke free from the vicious cycle that was preventing from tuning in to my true potential.

Letting go of resistance will open doors you never imagined.

I wish infinite love, health, healing, wealth, success, happiness, awareness, peace and wisdom upon your soul.






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